New Book proves Benedict XVI is still the only true Pope

by Estefanía Acosta 

Greetings in the Lord!

This time we want to inform you that, thank God, the book Benedict XVI: Pope “Emeritus”? is now available on Amazon, and can be ordered at the following links: (English version, paperback), (Spanish version, paperback), (Portuguese version, paperback) and (Portuguese version, e-book). This book, of almost 300 pages, is the first to offer, with academic rigor and in a systematic way, the canonical proof that Benedict XVI never validly resigned from the office of Roman Pontiff (for which reason he remains the only and true Pope of the Catholic Church, to whom all Catholics owe fidelity and obedience under penalty of incurring schism) and, as a consequence of this and of other irregularities prior and concomitant to Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s election in the 2013 conclave (also demonstrated in the book), “Francis” is really an anti-Pope (that is, he illegitimately occupies the Chair of Peter and, therefore, recognizing him as Pope is, at the very least, an objective repudiation of the truth).

– We hope that, with God’s help, the e-book of the Spanish version may also be available soon, which would be loaded through the following link: (those interested could start to check this link in about a week).

– The end notes (specifically the explanatory ones) are of the utmost importance… their complete reading is highly recommended.

We are grateful in advance for the sincere interest in knowing the truth behind the crisis that the Papacy is currently experiencing (a crisis that no faithful Catholic can look at with indifference), and the support in the dissemination of the book.

May the Lord bless and enlighten us all!

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11 thoughts on “New Book proves Benedict XVI is still the only true Pope”

  1. Congratulations Estefanía! I have the blessing of having seen your videos in Spanish about this issue. I am looking forward to read your book! This work you are doing is so much needed! May the Lord bless you and may the Blessed Mother keep you always in Her Heart!

  2. Great, just great. Yet another thesis proving the obvious. What we need is a solution to the antipope problem. Even the rad trads refuse to admit that Bergoglio is an antipope (Mr. Michael Matt- I’m talking about you).

    1. Mr. Matt went to Christendom College, which was founded by CIA and Skull and Bones men. So Mr. Matt now needs to tell us whether he is a Catholic or a Deep State Narrative Control agent, who will go to his grave insisting that Benedict resigned validly and that Bergoglio is the Pope.

  3. As Jorge Berboglio & his friends in St. Gallen Group is guilty of coercing & then usurping the PO from PBXVI, a sitting Pope, there should be no difficulty in his & their removal from the Vatican & relevant charges (both civil & eclessiastical) issued againbst them. A renowned Canonist like Cardinal Burke knows this quite well yet hasn’t acted, so there is something else attached to the question of removing these devils from our midst that hasn’t yet been revealed. The silence of our prelates is demonically driven as they stand back & watch idolatry, black Masses & homo-erotic orgies being regularly committed in St. Peter’s & appalling heresies being promoted throughout these past eight years while PBXVI is holed-up & prevented from speaking. Even blackmail is an insufficient reason for such mutness as the whole CC is being devoured by demons. They could at least have the entire Vatican, its surrounding churches plus Domus sanctae Marthae exorcised while the usurper is away praying with infidels in Iraq.

      1. Squatters must be always be removed & as he removed a sitting Pope & has held him in captivity for eight years there is criminal action added. God will not be impressed by feeble excuses for not stopping this sordid & satanic apostasy. These times call for strong & direct measures to release what has been taken away & restore the Papacy to its proper authority which comes from God, not man.

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