7 thoughts on “The Expose Of Jorge Bergoglio”

    1. JP II deliberately collaborated with the CIA, so yes, we think he was told to promote Bergoglio, without realizing how evil he was.

  1. In my youth, I didn’t know about Majdanec or Volhynia. I didn’t know about Operation Paperclip or Operation Rusty. I didn’t suspect why so many of my university professors and classmates were American and why so many fellow students were from families immigrated from Axis countries. I was a patriotic reservist and diligently served the military-industrial complex throughout my career. Then the scales began to drop from my eyes. I can totally understand why and how JP II was deceived. The CIA has been weaponizing the East European diaspora for generations. The Paul in John Paul seems very apropos. St. Paul was one deceived before Our Lord called him to evangelize the gentiles. Many have been Saul before they were Paul.

  2. Sometime it would be most helpful to delineate the kinds of pressure the Masons and later the Deep State CIA used to intimidate the popes since the Rothschilds took over the Vatican bank in the mid 1800’s but especially post WW II. I have read somewhere that they had placed a bomb in the Vatican controllable by remote. Not certain when this occurred but would be surprised if this did not occur. Pius XII, before his papacy, spoke out against the Nazi regime of Mussolini and in retaliation found a number of priests executed. His silence as pope against Mussolini for that alone makes sense. He was poisoned in1958. We know of the drugging and seclusion of Paul VI, the murder of JP I, and the two assassination attempts on JP II.

  3. Bergoglio is known to be an opportunist. His support for the right wing appears to not be consistent with his beliefs. However, it was an opportunity to develop a false identity until such a time when he could take over the system.

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