USA: 15,923 Adverse Reactions to Vaxx, 929 murdered by Vaxx Industry

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7 thoughts on “USA: 15,923 Adverse Reactions to Vaxx, 929 murdered by Vaxx Industry”

  1. Our useless bishops and clergy have betrayed Our Lord. To support a vaccine which murdered live babies is nothing short of directly participating in mortal sin. Shepherds, my a$$.

    1. You think these Bishops are from God? They hide behind God and use Him as smoke screen.

  2. Le Monde apparently reported 21st January that data from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) revealed ‘qualitative’ differences between commercial batches of the commercial Pfizer BioNTech covid vaccine/gene therapy and those used in clinical trials and that there was a lack of transparency.

    If there are ‘qualitative’ differences then that would mean that the commercial product has never been clinically trialled whatsoever, not even on any fast tracked limited basis.

    Therefore any safety data provided and risks outlined prior to consent to be vaccinated are totally meaningless.

    If there are ‘qualitative’ differences in the commercial product then those vaccinated have in effect unknowingly consented to be injected with a product that has never been clinically trialled, and without truly knowing any of the potential risks.

    What’s more is that any claims made about the effectiveness and benefits of the product are without any scientific basis.

    And further more, unlike in clinical trials where participants would typically be clinically monitored, there is very little, if any clinical monitoring post covid vaccination by the pharmaceutical companies in general nor by those administrating the vaccines nor by the regulators.

    Some doctors in the USA have already petitioned the FDA to remove the 15 minute observation period immediately following vaccination so that they can roll out the vaccination programme more expeditiously.

    The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System VAERS has been criticised on many fronts. The updates from the Centre for Disease Control (CDC) of the VAERS data on the adverse reactions to the covid vaccines is extremely limited and especially when compared to the CDC weekly updates on Covid-19 cases, deaths and the covid vaccination programme. One can see from the data updates provided on the CDC website that the focus is predominantly on the Covid-19 cases, the covid-19 deaths and the roll out of the covid vaccines in comparison to the very limited attention given to the collating and reporting of the data in relation to adverse reactions to the covid vaccines. In Europe, the reporting of adverse events from covid vaccines is even more opaque.

    How many people prior to consenting to be covid vaccinated have been/are informed that there may have been/may be ‘qualitative’ differences in the commercial product from the product used in clinical trials?

    If there has been a lack of transparency about any such ‘qualitative’ differences between the commercial product and the product that was used in albeit limited clinical trials then it is in effect impossible for anyone to have given/to give an ‘informed consent‘ because they are in effect clueless as to what exactly is being injected into their bodies and clueless as to the potential harmful risks.

    They’re acting in blind faith and doing so without any safety net, without a parachute!

    And even if the commercial product is exactly the same as that used in clinical trials, the absence of any comprehensive and scientific long term detailed monitoring of the effects of the covid vaccines/gene therapy post vaccination/gene therapy injection and the absence of any health care and support system for those potentially injured by the covid vaccines should be of great concern.

    How can scientists such as Professor Luke O’Neill in Ireland say that they’ll know more about the effectiveness of the covid vaccines when the final results are soon to be made available of the Phase 4 clinical trials on the first few hundred recipients carried out under both FDA and EMA Emergency Usage Authorisations?

    How can Phase 4 clinical trial results ever be made available without any fully independent, comprehensive and long term clinical monitoring in place?

    The French are wise to have in general refused the covid vaccines/gene therapy injections.

    Instead of acting in blind faith, the French as a Nation have acted sensibly, rationally and scientifically.

    Vive La France!


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