6 thoughts on “FromRome.Info Podcast Premier — In An age of dishonesty”

  1. Yes lovely to hear your voice back on the airwaves. Really good sound quality……are you using new recording equipment?…….and the content matter is excellent as always. That’s a good term that you used…..’Passive Conspirators’ to describe those who refuse to debate, those who refuse to ‘act’ on the Truth! The phrase “the banality of evil” also comes to mind when thinking of both the main conspirators and ‘passive conspirators‘.
    Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil is a 1963 book by political theorist Hannah Arendt. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eichmann_in_Jerusalem https://aeon.co/ideas/what-did-hannah-arendt-really-mean-by-the-banality-of-evil

  2. Perfectly clear recording, both content and form.
    Perhaps Cardinal Sarah will join you in a debate, now that he is “free”?

    On a separate note, please comment on the pyjama top placed behind the altar of St.Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna, and the giant red water bottle outside during the Lenten season. I tried to do some research, but couldn’t find any explanation of what looks like blasphemy.

  3. Perhaps then Stephansdom’s own Christoph Schönborn would be interested in debating on this matter. He has been described as a “conciliatory pragmatist who is open to dialogue.”
    Riding on the Biden (where am I?) Express, the Archbishop famously said that “the Church should not look in the bedroom first, but in the dining room! It must accompany people.”

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