Usurper in Chief tasks Big Tech to suppress truth about Vaxx

The fact that Trump pushed the Vaxx and Biden is now persecuting contrary voices, should tell you who rules the USA. Despite the bitter rivalry between the Skull and Bones candidate and the Rothschilds candidate, they both agree in exterminating you.

Meanwhile their agents are telling you to be peaceful, that is, to surrennder.

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3 thoughts on “Usurper in Chief tasks Big Tech to suppress truth about Vaxx”

  1. I know this will cause eye rolling, and I can’t say it’s anything but an observation, but I do believe Trump meant well with the vaccine. He’s not a scientist, not a doctor, but he knows how to solve problems fast. That’s his entire MO as a businessman, get it done. He made it possible. To an outsider, what was created was genius and certainly groundbreaking. It took analysis and time to realize the deeper aspects. I will never believe he intended it for anything but good.

    1. His family have been servants of the Harriman family for 100 years, and Bill Gates is a creature of the Harriman family. So you can presume his innocence, but I think there is enough evidence to conclude to his guilt.

  2. If “My Body My Choice” gets the thumbs up from the NWO & their PP Abortion Clinic, it will also have to be accepted for those not wishing to partake in getting anything injected into their bodies that they do not want. These vaccinators have not been elected to power & even if they were they would have to hold a Referendum in order to receive such power from the public. In no way can they legally empower themselves from being sued by the public who feel coerced into being guinea pigs for pharmaceutical companies, especially those run by the CCP & NWO. Nor can any threats of any kind be used against those who refuse them. Fauci, Gates, WHO, Marxist Democrat Party, CCP & Vatican are the ones to target. They should be charged with Crimes Against Humanity for the lockdowns, loss of jobs, education, medical assistance & closing of places of public worship & a normal life for the past year.

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