Post your Links to Alt-Media

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is now an obvious effort to erase all Alt-Media from the platforms of Big Tech. For that reason, it is imperative that we develop indices to all the Alt-Media which is not found on the Big Tech platforms.

Thus, I invite all who find this page to post links to their favorite SITES (not articles) and LISTS OF SITES which publish information and truth about the NWO, the Great Reset, the Scamdemic, etc.. — Add your comments about the nature or quality of the links you post.

This will be a do it yourself index.

No other comments will be permitted here.

Father Zuhlsdorf gives a nod to the Mazza thesis

First, Father Z’s original statement:

Click the image above to read Father Z’s original.

Then, click the image below to read Mark’s commentary.

Commentary by Br. Bugnolo

Dr.  Mazza is an esteemed colleague, but with this thesis that a successor of St. Peter can move the Apostolic See to another place in the world, he has ignored fundamental principles of theology, which according to my reckoning makes his thesis formally heretical. — Read my remarks here.