Post your Links to Alt-Media

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is now an obvious effort to erase all Alt-Media from the platforms of Big Tech. For that reason, it is imperative that we develop indices to all the Alt-Media which is not found on the Big Tech platforms.

Thus, I invite all who find this page to post links to their favorite SITES (not articles) and LISTS OF SITES which publish information and truth about the NWO, the Great Reset, the Scamdemic, etc.. — Add your comments about the nature or quality of the links you post.

This will be a do it yourself index.

No other comments will be permitted here.

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7 thoughts on “Post your Links to Alt-Media”

  1. Winter Watch is a favorite of mine for its whistleblowing and focus on lesser known criminal cases, with a view to countering the MSM bias, often of the less obvious kind. Eric Gajewski is a regular there (he recognizes Pope Benedict). The site doesn’t claim to be Catholic, and often reports on apparent injustices against people I might not be interested in (ie celebrities). But since his interest is exposing lesser known injustices, he covers persecution of Catholics too.
    Another whistleblower (mostly focused on Johnson & Johnson) is Emily Patterson at ‘Johnson & Toxin’. Her articles are not as dark as Russ Winter’s sometimes are, and are all backed up with links mostly from MSM.

  2. Ember Saturday
    February 27, 2021 A. D.
    Best Sources of Truth on the Internet
    Maybe your readership is unfamiliar w one or two below. A couple were listed already but deserve highlight for being a cut above.
    Ann Barnhart (world politics from perspective of Lepanto) (red pill covid; deep dummy State; and Thomistic philosophy) (priceless aggregator—FW wades thru the muck for you saving priceless time. If a headline catches your eye you can follow up. Also daily afternoon video rundown of the headlines @ affiliate
    Fr. Anthony Hannon, To Prepare His Way video channel @
    Fr. Hannon is a true priest according to the order of Melchesedech. (Americans politics & truth of deep state infiltration of the institutions)
    That’s about all I for one need along with our host site of course. Especially during Lent.
    Precious Lent All
    Brother Chris
    Sent from the Road Mt

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