Laity notice that SSPX has joined with Mafia of St. Gallen in approving the Vaxx

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is a great article about the superficial problem, which Ordo Militaris Radio TV has already confronted on more fundamental issues, namely that the SSPX and the St. Gallen Mafia seem to have been puppeteered by the same hands.

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And so, I think the time has come for a public call to the SSPX leadership to name the names of the Big Money in Eastern Switzerland which has promoted, bought and controlled the SSPX at the highest levels during the last 50 years.  Until those names are named, then I think the laity can not be faulted in thinking or suspecting that the SSPX is deep down something quite unlike what they publicly present themselves to be.

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7 thoughts on “Laity notice that SSPX has joined with Mafia of St. Gallen in approving the Vaxx”

  1. At this point I am only looking for a valid, licit TLM for the Blessed Sacrament. For now, that is the SSPX. It just seems that the heresies and apostasy is so deep and wide across the Catholic Church that we all have to choose the best TLM and pray the Rosary every single day. To ask our hierarchy for anything more is an effort in futility.

      1. Well, then Brother, pray tell where I should take my family? I cannot go to any Novus Ordo parish. They all pray for the antipope. I have no Catholic Eastern rite where I live (and they all pray for the antipope as well). The Sedevacantists are out. So what do you propose? Looking for a friend!

      2. Many Catholics have no options, and nearly none of them have as much self interest as even attempt to speak with clergy to convince them to return to the faith. That is why they deceive themselves into thinking compromise is ok, because the sum of their religion is how God can serve their need to show themselves religious on Sunday in the sight of men.

        If this sounds harsh, remember, we cannot be saved without someone telling us the harsh truth about our selves and the times in which we live. There is a handbook on how to convert clergy back to Pope Benedict XVI linked in the top right side bar of this website. If you have been reading this site for months, and have not seen it, look for it. But if you have, and find yourself in the predicament like that of which you speak, then you have no one to blame but yourself.

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