When will Civil War break out in the USA?

Intro by Br. Bugnolo

This former Green Beret explains how the Marxist Dictatorship will cause increased division and how the resulting war will be as brutal and internecine as the war in Syria, which perhaps, in my opinion, was a trial test. He thinks there will be a secession of states, whereas I incline rather to hold more likely, at least beforehand, the rise of militias which liberate parts of the country from the Dictatorship.

Italy with out a government, with Parliamentarians in deadlock

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you want news about what is going on in the Italian Government, its bad for politicians and good for the people.

Giuseppe Conte has resigned, and therefore there will be no more ruinous executive orders to impose lockdowns.

Renzi who left the government with his new Italia Viva coalition wants to be the new Prime Minister or install Mario Draghi, an economist who is notorious for hard fiscal choices which are ruinous to the economy — though it is hard to imagine a more ruinous policy than shutting down 60% of the economy.

Matteo Renzi is currently a Senator for life, being one of the former PMs of Italy. He was a member of the Pd, but broke from them when Salvini resigned from the government in the summer of 2019, in an attempt to cause snap elections: a move which failed.

For now, the previous coalition members, Pd (Democratic Party) and M5s (Five Star Movement) are holding fast and insisting that Conte return as Prime Minister (the official title is President of the Council of Ministers) and that his cabinet also return. — Renzi’s coalition previously had 2 ministers but resigned, causing the crisis. It is said Renzi wants 3 ministers and a new PM of his choice.

The previous coalition led by M5S, however, are tenacious poker players and never budge an inch. Their negotiating strategy amounts to: its our way or the highway. They defeated Salvini that way and hoodwinked him into accepting Conte as PM in 2018.

Today, the only hope politically — if such a hope can even be spoke of in a Parliament full of atheists and freemasons — is (1) that Renzi becomes so frustrated at the intractable negotiation style of his opponents, that he chooses rather to cause the government to fall, and (2) that the opposition is militant enough to prevent defections to ensure that happens. Together they control 50% of the Senate, and M5S and PD together control much more than 55% of the Camera. So neither group can form a government, and that would mean snap elections.

Renzi’s trump card is that he can threaten snap elections, which would be more ruinous to the PD than supporting Renzi’s proposal for a non-Conte government. But for the present, there seems to be an absolute deadlock.

And that is good for the people, because for the present Parliament is not legislating more Scamdemic dicatorship.

CREDITS: The Featured Image shows Matteo Renzi, it can be found at Wikipedia in the article on him, here.

Dr. De Mari: Speranza responsible for intentional homicide in Covid Response

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dr. Silvana De Mari condemns the Itlaian Minister of Health Roberto Speranza and the regional health officials for advising that at the first signs of Coronavirus infection with Taciparina, an Asprin substitute widely used in Europe which promotes inflammation. A new study in France, just published, demonstrates that such an approach — known for 40 years in the medical community — is lethal for those with a coronavirus infection, causing an exaggerated inflammatory reaction.

She accuses the Italian Government under Giuseepe Conte of taking steps calculated to increase mortality and thus create a pretext for establishing a dictatorship, such as advising the people to wear a medical mask constantly, forbiding the use of medicines and therapies known to work, and of isolating patients from their personal doctors who advised other treatments which the Government did not want them to receive.

She calls upon the nation to stop watching television, which she says is now a tool of hypnosis and propaganda which is dangerous to the mind.

This one video deserves being subtitled in English to make it known to the wider world.


Where was the censorship, then?

When Twitter and Facebook with the CIA stirred up the bloody “Arab spring”…

These platforms are run by mass murdering propagandists, and defended by Marxists who pose as professors of journalism.

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