Die Tagespost claims new April 1st interview with Pope Benedict XVI

The interview is clearly another media manipulation as can be gathered from the photos. In the German newspaper, Benedict is made to appear to be a demon.

And in the English newspaper, the NCR, Bergoglio is made to look like a saving kind Angel:. Also, there is not slight emphasis that Benedict is submissive to Bergoglio. FromRome.Info will have a full report once the interview is published in German, and will present a full analysis this week of the text. Click the image below for a brief summary.

Pope Benedict XVI’s shell game against the Mafia of St. Gallen

“Ein Leben”: In the second book of Interviews with Pope Benedict XVI, we find another story about His resignation

by Andrea Cionci

Here is an unofficial English translation

A few days ago, we became aware of strange inconsistencies and the possibility of a shocking subtext in the interview book by Peter Seewald – Benedict XVI “Last Conversations” (Garzanti 2016) HERE .

On a deeper reading, the writing seemed to be able to coincide with a scenario now outlined by various theologians, journalists, Latinists and legally explained by the recent volume Benedict XVI: pope emeritus? By the lawyer Estefania Acosta HERE .

According to this thesis, Benedict XVI, now besieged by the internal modernist frond and by external globalist powers, never left the Petrine throne in 2013 : he only announced his resignation from the exercise of his functions, moreover without ever ratifying them. HERE

In this way he would have allowed his enemies to seize power, effectively constituting an anti-papal party . Why all this? It would be a strategic retreat to allow anti-Christ forces to manifest themselves and then be canceled, thanks to the recognition of the only true pope, Benedict, for a redemption-purification of the Church. Over the past eight years, Ratzinger, kept under control by the antipapal power, has thus sent us continuous messages through a subtly logical language to facilitate our awareness.

The question, incredible as it may seem, is serious and there are even priests who are excommunicated for their fidelity to Pope Benedict. The latest is Don Enrico Bernasconi , whose interview we propose HERE .

So we also went to read the second book by Peter Seewald ” Ein Leben – Una vita” of 2020 (Garzanti), of which few and disorganized fragments filtered out in the press.

The voluminous biography contains eight pages with new questions to Ratzinger . Let’s try to read them according to the above perspective and see if the sense can spin.

First of all, Ratzinger declares: “My intention was not simply and primarily to clean up the small world of the Curia, but rather in the Church as a whole” . And then: The real threat to the Church comes from the universal dictatorship of apparently humanistic contradicting ideologies, which entails exclusion from the basic consensus of society. [] Modern society intends to formulate an anti-Christian creed : whoever challenges it is punished with social excommunication. Being afraid of this spiritual power of the Antichrist is all too natural .

And so far we would be there . Benedict immediately after, underlines the differences with one of his illustrious predecessors.

The visit (2009) to the tomb of Pope Celestine V was actually a chance event; in any case I was well aware of the fact that Celestine V’s situation was extremely peculiar and that therefore it could in no way be invoked as (my) precedent .

One could read this as meaning: “Celestine V legally resigned in 1294 because he did not feel like taking on the burden of the papacy, which I absolutely did not do, since I did not resign as pope, but I only declared that I wanted to renounce to the exercise of practical power, for the purposes we know. Celestino and I have nothing in common “.

Then the Holy Father continues:

“It was absolutely not my intention to take an extreme distance from the conditions in which the Church finds itself. If you study the history of the popes, you will soon realize that the Church has always been a net in which good fish and bad fish end up. The Catholic conception of the Church and of the managerial roles within it excludes the adoption of an ideal Church as a parameter and instead foresees that one is ready to live and work in a Church besieged by the forces of evil .

Or rather: “I have not in the least abandoned the role of pope. We know that the history of the Church is full of antipopes and we must be ready to face the siege of the forces of evil”.

Seewald then tackles the key question: according to Church historians there is no “emeritus” pope , since there cannot be two popes . It is true that, since the 1970s, a bishop can resign and become an emeritus, but this – he asks – also applies to the pope?

Ratzinger replies: It is not clear why this juridical figure should not also be applied to the bishop of Rome. The formula manages to account for both aspects: on the one hand no concrete juridical mandate, on the other a spiritual charge that is maintained, even if invisible. Precisely the juridical and spiritual figure of the emeritus allows us to avoid even the idea of the coexistence of two popes, given that a bishopric can have only one holder “.

There is therefore only one pope. But when he says “the juridical and spiritual figure of the emeritus”, to which of the two does he refer, to the pope or to the bishop? The ambiguity does not seem accidental, but the Latinist Fr Alexis Bugnolo , an expert in canon law , explains :

If we mean BISHOP EMERITUS , the argument is invalid from the canonical point of view because a bishop receives an ecclesiastical office and, since his mandate as ordinary bishop has been created by the Church, two persons can be allowed in the dignity of the bishop. If we mean pope emeritus, the argument is still invalid since there is no juridical figure of pope emeritus and since the munus is not shared iure divino (by Divine insitution)”.

Also for the theologian Carlo Maria Pace , who HERE analyzed the invalidity of Ratzinger’s resignations due to their deferral, confirms: “Benedict XVI erroneously stated that a Pope who resigns remains Pope in the same way that bishops who resign remain bishops “.

In essence, the pope emeritus would himself be THE pope. In fact, if A bishop resigning (from the post of human origin) can become A retired bishop, IL Pope, renouncing the ministerium is always THE Pope, although retired, since it keeps the munus which is given directly by God. That’s why Ratzinger continues to say for eight years that the pope is only one and never specify that it is Francis.

Benedict seems to reiterate the concept, a few lines later, with an example: “A father remains so until death (even if he passes the management of the company to his son) and the human and spiritual meaning of being a father is not revocable”.

But what would be the spiritual purpose of these fake resignations?

An explanation is offered by Seewald’s own question:

The Italian philosopher Giorgio Agamben says he is convinced of the fact that the real reason for (Ratzinger’s) resignation was the desire to awaken the eschatological conscience (concerning the ultimate destinies of man). In the divine plan of salvation, the Church would also have the function of being together “the Church of Christ and the Church of the Antichrist” . The resignation would be a foreshadowing of the separation between “Babylon” and “Jerusalem” in the Church. Instead of engaging in the logic of maintaining power, by her resignation from office she would have emphasized his spiritual authority, thereby contributing to its strengthening .”

And here is Pope Benedict’s response:

“St. Augustine said that on the one hand many are part of the Church only in an apparent way, while in reality they live against it, and that, on the contrary, outside the Church there are many who – without knowing it – deeply belong to the Lord and therefore also to his body, the Church. We must always be aware of this mysterious overlap of internal and external, an overlap that the Lord has exposed in several parables. We know that in history there are moments in which the victory of God over the forces of evil is visible in a comforting way and moments in which, instead, the forces of evil obscure everything .

Let’s say, in conclusion, he doesn’t seem to have exactly denied Agamben’s opinion.

L’Etat belge condamn en premire instance lever toutes les mesures Covid d’ici 30 jours

The Belgian state was ordered by the court of first instance to lift all covid measures within 30 days, writes Maryam Benayad in an article published on the lalibre.be site. This decision is obtained by a summary action brought by the League of Human Rights.

“On March 12, lawyers for the Human Rights League (LDH) and its Flemish equivalent, the Liga voor Mensenrechten, pleaded before the Brussels Court of First Instance after an appeal against the Belgian state on February 22 .

Fore more information, read the original in French by clicking the image above.

Catholics plead at the Footstool of Our Lady

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

March 31, 2021: Many Catholics from around the world, who joined me in prayer before the Basilica of Our Lady of Snows — Santa Maria Maggiore — in person or via YouTube Direct, ask me if I am still praying every night as Our Lady indicated to Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich, and if other Catholics are coming.

So for the encouragement of you all, who continue to rise at Midnight, Rome Time, each day, here is a photo of the Catholics who prayed with you last night, here at Rome.

Let us continue to keep praying the Perpetual Supplica to Our Lady Salus Populi Romani for the downfall and overthrow of the Church of Darkness and the welfare and liberation of Pope Benedict XVI.

Site Transfer Complete

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Dear Readers,

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PHOTO: Pope Benedict XVI celebrates Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021.

Source Unknown: His Holiness Pope Benedict is shown seated reading the parts of Jesus in the Passion Narrative. At his right is Archbishop Ganswein, at his left one of the Memores Domini members, who cares for his personal needs. The location of the mass seems to be the chapel of Mater Ecclesiae Monstery. Notice that there are six candles on the altar, for mass celebrated by a Bishop. Ganswein appears to be the chief celebrant. The large Yellow object behind the woman is an artistic sculpture of a palm frond made up of hundreds of palm leaves woven together. In front of the Archbishop are some branches of olive trees. His Holiness wears the zuchetto proper to the one and only reigning Pontiff.

The Italian Prime Minister’s Friends?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On Wednesday, March 24, I attended and filmed a political protest in front of the official residence of Mario Draghi, the Italian President of the Council of Ministers, or Prime Minister, as he might be called in other nations.

I was interviewed by ANSA, the Italian state News Agency. Which then published a piece smearing me as a “negationist” and “far righter”.

The next day, Thursday, my Youtube Channel was suspended for a week and the video was removed.

An hour later, the hosting company of FromRome.Info took away my editing tools which allow me to write in a professional manner.

The next day, Friday, March 26, a priest of the Legionnaires of Christ, which is said to own 25 Billion in assets — I think that is probably an exaggeration — published a hit piece on me. — A thing which has not happened ever.

On Saturday, the Secretary and Lazio Representative of the political party of which I am a president were fined after returning from an approved political rally. — A thing which has not happened ever.

On Sunday, PayPal temporarily suspended the PayPal Account of the corporation of which I am a president, Ordo Militaris Inc.

And hours later, the Bank which services that corporation asked me to do a security check.

Do you think it was all a coincidence?

Its, Holy Week. Please pray for me.

I think my name has been entered into the black book of Goldman Sachs.

SAnitary Government of Rome, has destroyed local economy, favored globalists

The tweet of Gilberto Trombetta reads, in English: Rome has an unemployment rte of 10%, with another 35% without work, 35,000 businesses have closed in the last year, leaving 75,000 out of work, there is need for another 7500 city workers, but Raggi (the Mayor) has her thoughts on the Formula One race.