No, the Corriere della Sera interview does not prove what it claims

Corriere della Sera Reporter trots out the same old quote, CNA copies

That Benedict said that there is only one Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Corriere della Sera today has published what it claims is an interview which puts and end to the controversy: Benedict has affirmed that there is only one pope! An interview of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI by Massimo Franco. — You can read the entire Italian original, quoted at the end of this critical article by Andrea Cionci of Il Libero a rival newspaper, by clicking the image below.

But in the interview, there is not found the quote attributed him in the title: “I resigned in full knowledge, there are not two Popes”.  This is the same game as the summer of 2019, when the same paper published the claims by the same journalist, Massimo Franco, that Benedict had said in an interview , “There is only one Pope”. A claim which was debunked within days. Back then the Vatican News claimed the day before Benedict would say such things, and this time they played the same old trick.

This interview in the Corriere della Sera, one of the leading communist newspapers, published from Milan, seems to attempt to respond to the controversies launched 10 days ago, by Cardinal Sarah’s declaration via Twitter, on the occasion of his removal from office as Prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship,  that “only Christ is the Rock” — and evident swipe at Bergoglio’s claim of doctrinal orthodoxy, infallibility and hence claim to the papacy — and the stunning article by the famous Italian journalist, Dr. Aldo Maria Valli, entitled, “At Rome there is no Peter”, which followed just days later.

But as regards this new interview by Massimo Franco, CNA has fallen into the most abysmal journalistic error of repeating in English the claim of the quote attributed to Pope Benedict, without remarking that it is no where found in the published interview. — Click image below to read their report.

One thing no one denies, is that Ganswein did the translating. So all credibility is gone on that basis alone.

But what is now undisputed is, that in attempting to run a victory lap with hands raised in the air, after the manner of the olympians, they have proven that they are either entirely incompetent to understand the controversy, or that they are simply trying to trot out the same old fake news to keep everyone from looking at the Elephant in the Clementine Hall, namely, that while Benedict did renounce the ministry, he remains pope for failing to renounce the Petrine Munus. And that is really why there is only one true pope!

Indeed, now after 8 years, if you have to interview the pope and claim he said that there is only one Pope now, then it is clear that his renunciation was invalid, because it was not duly manifested (canon 332 §2).

Maybe someone at the Vatican would be willing to discuss this?

But maybe not because they always bring in Massimo Franco to interview Benedict, and have Ganswein monitor him during it.

After 8 years of refusing numerous journalists and Cardinals and Bishops, and clergy and laity, who have critical minds to ask the right questions, the Vatican has only proven that it is complicit in a massive coverup which will merit the damnation and perdition of all involved.

As for Pope Benedict XVI he has publicly confirmed that he recognizes himself as the Pope, since he salutes those who so greet him. He has also publicly confirmed in Seewald’s official biography, published last May, that it was never his intention to resign the spiritual responsibility of the Papacy, which Dr. Mazza demonstrates is Ratzinger’s term for the Papal Office.

Thus, there is absolutely no credibility in anyone who claims this recent interview with Franco means anything else. Just as there is no credibility left among those who claim that Benedict XVI is not the pope and that Bergoglio is.


Don Alessandro Minutella also commented on this journalistic ploy, this morning on his Santi e Caffe program:


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6 thoughts on “No, the Corriere della Sera interview does not prove what it claims”

  1. This lie is really useful.

    It is obvious that this report is an invention.
    It shows , once again, Bergoglio , and what he is.
    It also shows that he is supported by the media.
    It also shows , who Bishop Ganswein is, an slave and part of the mafia.
    It also shows they are working as instruments of the Devil.

  2. CNA, like the U. S. bishops for whom it shills, has zero credibility. That zero-cred is in direct proportion to its and the bishops’ absolute disregard of truth. What a coincidence.

    CNA is a poor excuse for journalism, and an even greater disgrace for an organization claiming the word Catholic in its title. Shame. It’s like Catholic New York–Pravda for Dolan.

    It does show the level of confusion and despair among Bergoglio’s minions that they would repeatedly try such cheap parlor tricks. Their only hope is in P.T. Barnum’s dictum that “No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people.” Bergoglio with his minions knows his audience–many sleepwalking Catholics do uncritically accept the lie. Others like most in the Catholic commentariat bear malice toward Pope Benedict, like that vitriolic clown Non-Albabor who never passes up an opportunity to slander the good Pope. One can not reason with ill will.

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