Pfizer CEO: Every year you will have to be Covid Vaxxed again!

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2 thoughts on “Pfizer CEO: Every year you will have to be Covid Vaxxed again!”

  1. Every year?! And more frequently than that if they can get away with it. Gates recently said that a third dose of covid vaccine was now perhaps recommended to counter ‘variant’ strains? The U.K. extended the length of time between receiving the 1st and 2nd doses. And elsewhere governments have even said that it’s ok to mix covid vaccine cocktails!
    They’re clearly all making it up as they go along.
    This is what happens when people too willingly consent without question to untested, experimental vaccines/gene therapies, in a world of light touch to zero regulation and even where regulatory authorities perhaps have vested interests/conflicts of interest.
    It all makes the Tulip Mania of the past look so innocent compared to the current Covid Mania of the 21st Century.
    ‘Many, many cases of FAKE FLU are being relabeled FAKE COVID.’

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