Marco Tosatti unmasks the Benedict Bot as none other than …

Marco Tosatti, the famous Vaticanista, has taken out the knives and run them deep into the caricature which is presented to the world as Benedict, to find how who is really behind the persona. — Click the image to read his English translation of 8 Questions for the “Pope Emeritus”.

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2 thoughts on “Marco Tosatti unmasks the Benedict Bot as none other than …”

  1. Tosatti seems to be a genius as well. The fraud has been pierced. Still this is completely comprehendable for simple but faithful people. I just could not believe the words have been really from Pope Benedict.
    “If you won’t become like children, you will not go into the Kingdom of Heaven”. Jesus apparently provide the right people in the right place at the right time. Many thanks also to you, brother Alexis, to give us relief by your incredible efforts! Nico M. Peeters

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