Verrecchio: The Benedict “interview” is to prepare Benedict for a timely death

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2 thoughts on “Verrecchio: The Benedict “interview” is to prepare Benedict for a timely death”

  1. Which is the greater possibility in regard to Benedict’s statements about Biden’s observant Catholicism and personal opposition to abortion, 1) Authentic, but the result of isolation, information restriction and propagandization, or 2) journalistic fraud?

  2. Further, Benedict’s death (martyrdom), along with the death of Bergoglio, would open the door to the “CUT OFF” Collage of Cardinals to give us the final False Prophet of Rev. 13:11-18 (as the new false pope?) and to present THE Anti-Christ BEAST to the world). This would then see the 1862 vision of St. John Bosco being fulfilled with Heaven calling bishops from the “auxiliary ships” who had been defending the embattled main ship of the Church to choose the final true pope to take the remnant Church through the Tribulation to its anchorage to the two pillars, THE EUCHARIST (restored) and finally FERVENT AND TRUE DEVOTION TO MARY. I believe he will be the Peter the Roman who will be so named because he will be seen as the new Peter of the Church that was predicted by Fr. Ratzinger in1969 to be as though the Church has started all over. He will be called the “Roman” not being a Jew as was the first Peter. Will this true pope for the remnant Church also be a “young black man” as has been predicted?

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