The emblematic sign the American Republic has come to an end

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One thought on “The emblematic sign the American Republic has come to an end”

  1. Attn: Br. Bugnolo

    Good Morning Br Bugnolo

    Are you able to confirm receipt of this email please.

    I am a lady from New Zealand – a new Socialist Banana Republic.

    The people of the World (not all) imagine we have a lovely, Prime Minister seen here in this film BELOW. This is not the case at all. This Puppet has telephone conferences with a private individual called Melinda Gates in which for example they discuss the plight of the Pacific Islanders. It is decided that Gates (cynically) will give a few Foundation dollars to the Domestic Violence fund for the islands as there has been escalated family violence due to lockdowns, she is then praised by our PM and the conversation begins about vaccinating the Maori and Pacific Islanders here in NZ and in the islands i.e. start with the most vulnerable peoples who are poor. In the islands they will be under huge pressure to revive their tourism. My pick is that they will receive the Astra Zeneca jab. We have a 3 month lag in this country for injury reporting. BTW these peoples will not know what jab they did receive as a new law has made it so those receiving the vaccination are legally not entitled now to know which brand they received.

    Another example of underhandedness is that Maori on discovering the Queen had legally “vacated” in the 80’s when NZ became a Corporation, then delivered a Declaration (December ’20) to the Prime Minister of NZ saying her Government was an imposter Government and to HRH the Queen. In February the Government offered $150 Million to Maori to be drip fed i.e. hush money and they have taken it.

    Our Prime Minister approved one of the most shocking abortion bills in the World secretly during 2019.

    She also removed the Autonomous Sanctions Bill recently placing us in lockstep with the UN – who have no conscience around member nations who commit genocide and atrocities (China).

    Right now we are in another “convenient’ lockdown with the vaccine now on shore. Propaganda against those who do not wish to vaccinate is occurring within the media daily making the unvaccinated appear selfish and dangerous. There are only a small percentage of Aware people in NZ and we are being maligned and are basically now in danger. There is a much larger percentage of citizens here who are completely sucked in and who are incapable of rationalisation.

    BELOW filmed from television at the start of this new series of lockdowns the Prime Minister is obviously TIRED. She accidentally reads something she should not have – what she says is “WE DRUM IN THAT MESSAGING AROUND THE DANGERS OF COVID PRETTY DILIGENTLY FOR A FULL TWO WEEK PERIOD OF SUSTAINED PROPAGANDA”.

    “Drum in” simply means emphasise hugely the dangers of COVID – such a terrible illness in this latest “case” that a 21 year old boy from South Auckland (where the majority of Polynesians live in NZ) went to his gymnasium to work out none the wiser he was ill because he had no symptoms. Bang all of sudden they have placed a large number of people into quarantine and literally locked us down instantly last weekend. They are also only speculating at this stage about changing the levels to a 7 Tier Lockdown system.

    As you of course know it is important to really place the thumbscrews on Kiwis right now to take that vaccine and to destroy the economy which unfortunately took a bit of an upturn after the preceding lockdowns.

    I am sending this to you and I wonder if you might have any advice as to who else I should send this to please ?????? As you can imagine this footage was quickly edited and replaced without these damning words.

    My friends and I watch From Rome and are so incredibly grateful for your courage and superb ability to convey what is going on in a manner for all to comprehend.

    THANK YOU and if it is appropriate I would say Blessings on You.

    Kind regards

    Ann (Rook)


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