Antonio Socci skewers the Benedict-Bot Interview by Massimo Franco

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Commentary and Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Antonio Socci is perhaps the world authority among journalists and controversialists, on studying just what has been going on since Feb. 11, 2013. And he too has taken issue with the Massimo Franco interview published on March 1.

But it would be best to let Socci speak his mind. Here is an unofficial translation of the Key passages:


The one in the “Corriere” would have been a scoop if Joseph Ratzinger, in addition to repeating “there is only one pope”, had also mentioned his name. What many supporters of Bergoglio, for eight years, would like to hear Benedict XVI say is this simple phrase: there is only one pope and he is Francis, while I am no longer pope and I have nothing to do with the papacy.

But Benedict XVI has not said this sentence to the “Corriere” nor to others in these eight years. If he were to say it, new questions would arise, which perhaps the “Corriere”, reasoning journalistically, could have already asked him on this occasion (but he has been careful not to do so).

I try to formulate them:

Why do you dress in white and are called “Holy Father Benedict XVI” if there is only one pope?

Why are you officially qualified as “pope emeritus” if there is no juridical or theological definition of this title?

Why does he still impart the Apostolic Blessing (or Papal Blessing) which is a prerogative of the pope (to which the plenary indulgence is attached)?

Moreover, there are those who have noticed in some of his recent books the initials “Benedict PP XVI”, with that abbreviation PP (Pastor Pastorum) which is the title reserved for the pope. Moreover, in the public ceremonies in which the pope emeritus participated, some cardinals bowed before him and kissed his ring, something they should have done only with the pope.

Vaticanist Saverio Gaeta noted that “on the coat of arms of Pope Bergoglio the pallium is absent, present instead on that of Pope Ratzinger: a definitely not negligible element in Vatican symbology.”

What do these and other similar things mean?


In his last public audience, on February 27, 2013, Benedict XVI declared his “forever”: “there is no longer a return to private life. My decision to renounce the active exercise of the ministry does not revoke this”.

Socci closes his essay, further along, with the observation that many a “pope” was regarded as an “anti pope” after his death.

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One thought on “Antonio Socci skewers the Benedict-Bot Interview by Massimo Franco”

  1. Essas questões são tão absurdas que beiram o desrespeito ao Santo Padre. O Papa Bento XVI está preso – e o jornalista fazia bem em atacar o jornal e sua fake news – ao invés de querer ser irônico com o Papa Bento XVI – o único e verdadeiro Papa.
    Muitos não estão percebendo o desespero de Bergoglio e seus asseclas – ao ponto de produzir essa fake news.
    Nós sabemos que Bento XVI é o único Papa. Mas há quem não sabe – e é preciso voltar a explicar isso com calma, com paciência de professor, pois nosso Papa vive e morrerá em cativeiro sem que a maioria dos católicos se dê conta dessa tragédia.
    Aliás por que os padres fiéis à Bento XVI aí na Itália não começam um movimento pela liberdade do Papa e imediata recondução à cadeira de Pedro?

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