When it comes to Bergoglio, Dr. Marshall disses the Holy Spirit



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One thought on “When it comes to Bergoglio, Dr. Marshall disses the Holy Spirit”

  1. Like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day, this massive controlling breed of Katholic Pharisees spiritually blind by their pride have adopted a similar show of orthodoxy, but only enough to promote themselves amongst the flocks and to promote their positions and personal profits. Both have sold out to the corrupt “visible institution” from which their advancement has come, not to Christ and His chosen vicar on earth! This is truly horrifying. This is fornication with the Great monetary and commercial Whore of Babylon who rides the back of the BEAST.
    Both the apostate “left” and the sell out “right” are responsible for the ouster of Christ’s Vicar from his administrative function and will be for his soon martyrdom! GOD HAVE MERCY ON US!

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