One thought on “Beijing Party in US House votes to suppress State Sovereignty in elections”

  1. Further research on the article states that the Senate will have a hard time passing it. The US Supreme Court in the runup to the election said that election rules are set by State legislatures for state elections. The problem was that State judges set rules for the national election for the sole purpose of knocking out Trump.—-A vote out of Pennsylvania was 4-4 before Amy Barrett. John Roberts switched sides from a like interpretation from another state. There is no doubt that if this measure went to the current Supreme Court that it would ruled unconstitutional with three firm votes of Thomas, Alito, Gorsuch and only needing help from Barrett and Kavanaugh which I am sure that they would get. Somehow, Roberts has been compromised and contaminated. Best bet there is through the sister of his wife who works for Hillary.

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