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  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE TRUTHS. I’m worried I belong to an sspx Parish on Long Island New York here and a priest never speaks out about anything and I know the society doesn’t think the vaccine is wrong and I’m fighting them on it! How do I know if priest says Francis to himself? he did speak to one person & said never speak ill of the Pope .. so that scares me . I’m trying to get to Heaven. I left the novus ordo 12 years ago.. to think I was a Lector at the Basilica in Washington DC 14 years I receive communion from Whurl, mccarrick all of them.. it makes me sick to my stomach . IT’S late here in New York I’m talking to text on my phone sorry about the words running together. If you can enlighten my situation and help me, thank you. God bless you.

    1. You need to be at peace and simply ask the priest, point blank, by phone, whether he has ever read the Latin text of Benedict’s Declaratio of Feb. 11, 2013 and the Latin text of Canon 332 section 2. And if he says Bergoglio is the pope, despite the fact that Benedict renounced the ministerium, not the munus, then be at peace and simply stop going to his mass, as in this stopping you will be blessed by the God of Honestly for refusing to enter schism with His Vicar on Earth.

  2. Dear Margaret Mary–

    I’d suggest attending the TLM at Our Lady of Mount Carmel, East Harlem.

  3. Brother Alexis, many thanks for your thoughtful and thought provoking podcast and the other excellent material by which you seek to enlighten the faithful. I do not believe that I’ve seen an answer to the following questions elsewhere in your work, but if I am wrong, I apologise and please direct me. My questions are as follows:
    1. Are other sacraments (e.g. confession, anointing) licit when sought from and dispensed by priests who name an AntiPope?
    2. Would danger of death represent a licit exception to receiving holy communion from a priest naming an AntiPope?
    It is agonising for we faithful who seek truth unadulterated by political posturing, careerism or simple fear on the part of our priests. I fear the only thing holding me back is that I may have made an idol of the friendship of my circle of traditional Catholic friends, people whom I have come to love and whose support I had hoped to count on in these difficult times of growing persecution. Whilst there is broad agreement on this topic, I doubt many would forsake Mass, even one celebrated naming an AntiPope. Cognitive dissonance is apparent in matters ecclesial as well as in the secular realm of 2021.
    And some further requests, if I may:
    3. Would it be possible to use the network that intersects with FromRome to ascertain priests who name Benedict in the countries in which you have readership? It would be some comfort to know to whom we could travel for an occasional Mass, even if it required many hours of driving
    4. And finally, social contact with other Catholics via online forums would provide comfort, perhaps for communal praying of the Rosary or Little Office of the BVM. Is this something that could be coordinated via FromRome?
    May God bless you and may He bless us all!

    1. Answers
      #1, It is not a question of whether they are licit for him to give them, according to the law, since that question regards only right and its use inasmuch as he knows, but rather it is a question of whether he is or is not a member of the Church, since it is never licit canonically to receive the Sacraments from one who is not a member of the Church. Morally too, it is never licit to receive from a Schismatic or heretic, but from Schismatics in certain precise circumstances it can be morally allowable, even if it remains canonically illicit. Say for example there is no Catholic priest on your island, but there is a Greek Orthodox, who publicly admits there is no reason for a schism with the Roman church. From such a priest you could ask the Sacrament of baptism for your child or marriage for a member of your family, but it would never be canonically considered by the Roman Church to have been licitly granted and you would have to have those canonical acts juridically repaired before and by a Catholic priest.

      #2. Danger of death never permits the reception of the Eucharist from a From a heretic or schismatic, since having received the Sacrament many times before, there is no theological reason to receive it again at hour of death. Make a spiritual communion instead. But if you were in mortal sin, you could ask for the sacrament of confession from such a priest who personally shows no sign of malice of heresy or schism when no Catholic priest can be found. This is obviously not the case with someone who insists knowing the facts that Bergoglio is pope, whether they admit he is or is a heretic, but worse if they follow him in heresy or insist a heretic can hold office, since that itself is heresy.

      #3. FromRome.Info knows of no public list of such priests in the USA.

      #4. True prayer is never online. Christ said go to your room and shut the door, not turn on the internet! If you seek true Comfort to God, pray alone or with your family on Sunday, when you have not the sacraments or Mass in your area.

  4. I had meant to say in Q4 – social contact with other Catholics who have chosen to take a stand in not attending Mass in which an AntiPope is named.

  5. I understand about not going to a Mass if the priest does not recognize Pope Benedict as the true Pope, but if the same priest was validly ordained would I be able to have him hear my confession. What about the other sacraments ?

    1. In the present papal schism, the problem is compounded in that one claimant is an utter public heretic and apostate. So priests who name him are all suspect of being heretics. Now, while the status of a person as in or not in communion with the Church can only be juridically determined by the Church Herself in a legal sentences, nevertheless our knowledge of the truth binds us gravely to never participate in a liturgical act or receive a Sacrament from a heretic. So in seeking to go to confession, for venial sins, we can never seek the Sacrament from someone who publicly names an antipope or heretic, which we know to be such. But in matters of mortal sin, if the priest can be reasonably discerned to be too simple to understand the canonical principles upon which the discernment of the true pope is had AND publicly is known to be opposed to all the heresies of the heretical antipope, then we can confess our mortal sins to such and receive absolution, which is valid, because, being a priest who before this crisis was a Catholic in good standing, that in only such circumstances which I have just described, it is safe to presume NOW that he can validly grant absolution, since in him, he is acting out of mere ignorance, and without any malice. — It is however very difficult to make this determination about a priest, if you have not known him for quite some time or have a long experience with priests to be able to discern this. So avoid mortal sin, make frequent acts of penitence and stop confining yourself to the protestant error of only worrying about your own soul without any regard for seeking to save the souls of priest by preaching to them the truth about Pope Benedict’s Declaratio of 2013. — Because if many priests do not know the truth, it is primarily because most laity no longer give a damn about the salvation of the souls of priests and all their flocks entrusted to them, but only care about their private personal religious needs.

  6. Good day, Brother. You should be highly commended for speaking out so clearly and condemning the masquerade Mass in concelebration with a masquerade pope. Here’s a copy of what you wrote to your readers many months ago:
    “There is no obligation to go to a heretical or sacriligeous mass. There is no spiritual need to attend mass if you are in the state of grace and dedicate all your meritorious works to God in union with His Passion, and avoid mortal sin. The only obligation to attend mass arises from the Church’s application of the obligation of the Lord’s Day to the occurrence, when it happens, to the Holy Sacrifice offered by a Catholic priest, in communion with the Roman Pontiff, in a rite which is approved and without heresy, sacrilege or other grave immorality or risk to life person or property. So you can see the obligation of Mass, only on Sunday, is actually one which is very limited. Even when you are sick, you are not obliged, and when the weather is bad and you have no means of arriving safely or departing safely or you would risk losing your health.
    So in the case of the Mask since to wear it at mass is a sacrilege against the House of the good God, and to insist on it is an act of apostasy against the Risen One, a Catholic certainly cannot attend, when this is an obligation enforced by anyone in the Church building at the time. Not to mention when the mass is offered in communion with an antipope, heretic and apostate and freemason. So wake up and slap yourself back into reality, please, and break from your bad habit of wanting to go to Mass when you want to and not when God wants you to.”
    The other day, you said that in Rome alone some 600 Churches are affected if not closed by this scandal, Imagine the numbers worldwide! It’s possible that the physical or virtual desecration or abandonment of cathedrals, basilicas, and parish churches by both clergy and laity corresponds to the “abomination of desolation” predicted in the Apocalypse.

      1. Yes. No use in wishing to turn back the clock (i.e. return to old “normal” Christian culture), as I and many still long to do!

  7. All priests, NO & TLM, cite Francis in the Canon of the Mass. Maybe in Rome there are a few that don’t but nowhere else that I am aware of.

    This mess has come about because PBXVI (an eminent Canon Lawyer) wrote his Declaratio in an ambiguous manner to trick Bergoglio’s followers, but it has led to huge chaos & persecution for Catholics who are being pulled in every directionas a result. The Papacy cannot be bifurcated so we cannot have two popes & if PBXVI is still Pope (I believe he is) then the title Emeritus does not apply. As we have to stay in communion with Rome this dangerous situation cannot be allowed to go on & must be resolved.

    It is very disheartening that PBXVI hasn’t intervened to stop the idolatry, sacrilege, heresies, simony etc. that Francis has committed, especially as he still claims to hold the Munus. I believe it is his duty to the OHCA Church to make a public pronouncement on this very grave matter as only he can really say what he intended when he wrote his Declaratio & if he did intend to resign then he must do so in accordance with Canon Law. If he did not intend to resign from the PO but only delegate someone to help in the administration (Ministerium) then Francis should be immediately removed & declared an Antipope. It seems very straightforward & would stop all the speculation of the press & those Cardinals & Bishops whose job it is to ensure that the Deposit of Faith, Ministerium & Tradition of the Church is properly upheld. They should also, in charity, call on whoever is Pope to mandate the Mass of Ages worldwide. It is improper that only a tiny minority have access to it.

      1. He has given some people interviews & went to Germany to visit his dying brother However, he was publicly hounded back to his residence within the Vatican walls preventing him from attending the funeral. It was an extraordinary occurence!

        Vatican journalists as well as clergy who have gained access to him could have been the messengers of Truth if PBXVI wanted them to be so it would appear he didn’t. Will Cardinal Sarah who had close contact with him while writing their joint book on Priestly Celibacy & who recently lost his curial office now be in a position to speak? We can hardly be expected to wait much longer as PBXVI is extremely frail & facing death.

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