One thought on “Moderna admits that its Vaxx is an Operating System”

  1. Quick summary and thoughts on that Principia Scientific article ‘…..everyone who holds strong religious beliefs, in whatever faith, will baulk at what is far from a benign doctrine. Transhumanism is at complete enmity with Christianity, Judaism, Islam, etc.
    Do we really want to sacrifice our soul simply for the sense of security from a virus infection?’
    The mRNA Platform and Operating System as explained on Moderna’s website.
    And in the comments section…..
    ‘Infiltration, subversion, and propaganda are the silent weapons of this quiet war. …..concerned that the vaccine is silently being used to separate the weak, compliant, and unaware (a more docile body of servitude from which labor would be much easier to harvest) from the strong minded…..’
    The trouble with a herd of compliant yes sheople, political puppets, script monkeys etc. is that they’ll rarely do any critical thinking, rarely point out any problems or flaws, rarely have a creative novel thought, rarely have the ability to problem solve successfully. And if they’re perhaps already ‘too lazy by nature’ to do any independent thinking for themselves then they’re unlikely to healthily thrive and survive for very long, if and when, put to labouring for the cabal.
    The light grows dim when the soul is lost/crushed.
    So it seems that extremely frustrating and hopeless times indeed are predicted to lie ahead for the cabal as they vainly try to shepherd all of their herds of humanoid zombies. The cabal are on the road to their very own self annihilation.
    One can clearly see in advance how the cabal have already lost the war.
    Pity that there has to be so much carnage and collateral damage along the route to the cabal’s final demise.

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