Pope Benedict XVI has prepared for the Great Catholic Reset of the world

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Masonic Lodges have prepared for more than a century to enslave and decimate mankind. And we are seeing their plan unfold with the Scamdemic and Great Reset.

But Pope Benedict XVI, by Christ’s inspiration in the summer of 2012, has fashioned for the Catholic Church a Restart Button to begin the Great Catholic Reset of the world.

With this Button, the Church has the tool to begin the restoration of Christendom, since the very act of pressing it means the reaffirmation of every truth of the Faith.

And this button is his seemingly valid, but utterly canonically invalid resignation, which by fooling the Freemasons inside and outside the Church has caused them to reveal their plans and expose themselves to the Faithful, while giving the Faithful the necessary spiritual challenge to train them to become warriors for the restoration of Christendom.

The pressing of this Button will start the Great Catholic Reset, because, to find it  and press it, you have to return to the truth,

  1. That the Latin tongue, one of the Three Languages which Christ Spoke, according to the Fathers of the Church, is superior to all modern languages.
  2. That the word of Christ to Peter, “Whatsoever you bind” refers to all Church Teaching, Liturgy and Canon Law.
  3. That words have meaning, and that Nominalism is the thought of Hell.
  4. That Christ remain in intimate union with His true Vicar and will not suffer the Apostolic See to be stained with heresy, apostasy or Globalism.
  5. That God’s plans endure forever and can never be overthrown.

Those who accept, and break from excusing themselves from, ALL of these 5 points, regardless of anything the Cardinals or Bishops might claim, are those who have discovered and are discovering this Button for the Great Catholic Reset.

And that Reset will begin by proclaiming the Truth that Benedict XVI is the pope and insisting on a Second Synod of Sutri to depose Bergoglio the pretender, antipope and false prophet of Globalism, and utterly condemn all his falsehoods, lies, blasphemies, heresies and errors!

With Benedict XVI restored, then the Church will be empowered with clarity to reject Globalism, Vatican II, the Aggiornamento and all which has come forth from Modernism and Neo-Modernism.

And each of us has a part in this. The more Catholic we call back to the truth of what Benedict XVI did, the more we advance the hour of the GREAT CATHOLIC RESET!

Now is the time therefore, to give Battle!



FromRome.Info, for its part, will work to prepare here at Rome the first Session of the International Inquest into the Corruption at the Vatican, which will conclude with a formal call for the convening of the Second Synod of Sutri. We believe that the book by Attorney Acosta is sufficient pleading for such a case. — We invite canonists and legal experts from around the world to assist FromRome.Info in organizing such an Inquest. Contact us by leaving a comment below, with your full contact information of your office or studio.

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21 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI has prepared for the Great Catholic Reset of the world”

  1. This Reset will have to be activated very quickly as PBXVI looks extraordinarily frail & could leave us at any minute. It should have happened long ago in answer to the worldwide outcry from Catholics who disccerned what had happened from the beginning of Jorge Berboglio’s tenure in the PO. Even highly placed prelates turned deaf ears to our protestations that the Papacy cannot be bifurcated, that Tradition did not provide for a Pope Emeritus & that the words Ministerium & Munus were written into Canon Law for a purpose. If Ministerium covered both Offices it wouldn’t have been necessary to itemise them separately.

    1. Good to see your comments Ana! My question is WHY in God’s name will the faithful prelates not do anything? It is absolutely maddening.

      1. My personal belief is that we have been ruled by evil men in the Vatican & its Episcopates since VII; men who had been trained in Marxism & were placed in our seminaries during the 1930s & ‘40s by Bella Dodd who was not asked to name names at the time of her reversion to Catholicism.
        If you remember, Cardinal Ratzinger’s writings were of a modernist slant & he took a very active role in VII alongside Cardinal Frings &, to my disappointment at the time, wore mainly civvies that did not go down well in Catholic circles. I do however feel that he grew into the responsibilities laid upon him when he accepted the Office of the Papacy. However, he did not have administrative skills & was easily harassed by the St. Gallen Group faction that most likely had a detrimental effect on his health & well-being.
        I remember him alluding to a mystical moment he had before he abandoned us in which he implied that God told him to resign & that he prayed about it before he decided on the context of his resignation which in canonical terms does not comply with Canon Law, making the election (by 1 vote more than the combined number of electing cardinals which was never explained) null & void. It is this anomaly that suggests PBXVI was being threatened/blackmailed & that he kept the Munus so as to retain the Office from being taken over by the Freemasons. In spite of this it can be said they have taken over the whole Church destroying everything Holy along with our Unity (we are on a par now with infidels & schismatics) & there is nothing left but chaos. PBXVI refuses to speak – the one who should speak will fall silent (Our Lady of Good Success) & we, the Laity, are being left to our own devices.
        It is important that the rightful Pope, i.e. IMO Benedict, be the name cited in the Canon of the Holy Mass, but as the Cardinals to date have decided not to clarify this grave situation, our priests feel obliged by their Bishop to name Francis at this juncture in the Mass. Even TLM Masses do this, but I cannot say that this takes away from our Sunday obligation to attend the Holy Sacrifice. A virtual Mass will not nurture your soul no more that an advertisement for bread will sustain your body. My pre-VII catechism & teaching always stated that no matter how unholy the state of the soul of the presiding priest was, the sacraments would always be kept intact by God, so I attend Mass on a daily basis & confess monthly. I have had this discussion with priests & they couldn’t tell me not to for as long as Benedict lives I am in communion with Rome. After his death, if before Francis, I shall indeed have to stay at home but until that sorts itself out I am not going to turn my back on the sacraments.

  2. But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for kmy power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that lthe power of Christ may rest upon me. 10 mFor the sake of Christ, then, nI am content with weaknesses, insults, hardships, persecutions, and calamities. For owhen I am weak, then I am strong.
    2 Cor 12:8-10

  3. Brother Bugnolo, while I very much appreciate your views and understand your arguments regarding the current papal schism, as a layman, I am not in a position to resolve the current state of affairs. That belongs to the ecclesiastical authorities. I am forced by the need for sacraments and the preservation of my marriage to keep attending SSPX Masses- regardless of whether or not the priests or bishops pray for Benedict or not. I agree with Ms. Barnhart. I simply pray for Benedict during the TLM. God know my heart is with Benedict. There is no other way for Catholic laymen in my opinion to deal with getting the sacraments.

    What would Ms. Barnhart or any other intelligent person say?

    As I recall from my seminary courses in Canon Law, the Church never requires the faithful to do the impossible.

    What say you?

    1. I would say that Barnhardt is completely unqualified to give an opinion, since she is a convert and has never formally studied theology. She was a futures trader, so her mind is formed on the notions of commodity trading, which are totally inappropriate for the discussion of the worship of the Triune God. I would also say that all the Doctors and the Fathers of the Church disagree with you both, since it is Catholic teaching that we can never for the sake of any end or benefit do evil or live a lie.

      I would add that both of you, by arguing that the Mass and Sacraments are of such importance that we can condone participation knowingly in gravely immoral behavior, are making an idol of the means of salvation and like the Pharasees of old, preferring the acts of exterior religion to the acts of interior religion. — Also, if your marriage is so weak that you risk divorce because of living the truth, then you have a problem in your marriage which is much more grave and caused by other causes which you should not omit to address.

      The SSPX do not offer to the world traditional Catholicism, since they are anomeans who believe that the Catholic Religion does not require us to keep the laws of the Church, or that the Sacraments are so important to our Faith that we can opt out of the hierarchical structure to obtain them. This violates the ancient addage of the Fathers, Do nothing without the permission of your Bishop, and He who divides Christ is anathema! — They have adopted this position because they refuse to accept the notion that a heretic loses office ipso facto by his heresy, and that public heresy not only must be denounced, but canonical processes should be moved against the heretic. The mere fact that the SSPX are responding to the crisis since 1965 as they do, in a way totally unheard of in the history of the Church, should make any honest Catholic stop and think, at least, and definitely not fall into the cult of praising them for doing what the Fathers never taught or practiced.

      1. So, then, we’re basically back to the dilemma that other folks have posted. Namely, what is a faithful Catholic to do if he cannot find ANY Catholic parish (any of the Eastern or Latin rite dioceses or eparchies) where they recognize and pray for Benedict as the pope?

        What, pray tell, do you think Benedict would say? But, of course, he will say nothing. Short of him clarifying his so called resignation, what bishop or cardinal will throw down the gauntlet? Even Bishop Rena Gracida nor Cardinal Burke have not gone that far- at least not yet. And, what of the remaining cardinals who signed the Dubia?

        I agree with your call for another Council of Sutri. However, WHAT bishop or cardinal will go public? If you know, please advise your readers!

        May God bless you!

      2. If you cannot find a mass, dont go to mass. I said that in the Audio of PodCast 6. Why keep asking the same question over and over. Yes, Bishop Gracida and Bishop Lenga and dozens of priests round the world pray the mass in communion with Pope Benedict, in public, and manyvmany more in private. Whole institutes say with Pope Benedict, at mass in private. If you prefer the sacraments to the will of God and the state of Grace it is in vain that you seek to receive them, because for you they are idols and not means for divine union.

      3. Do your episcopal sources who believe that Benedict is the pope and pray for him in the Canon of the Mass also agree with your analysis? If so, what in God’s Holy Name are they waiting for? Why would they not convene their own Council of Sutri? Or are they afraid of something?
        In all charity, Brother, I am looking for real solutions and answers- as are others.
        If this all boils down to a papal schism argument, then these faithful sons of the Church had damned well listen to you!

  4. Can you say which institutes Brother? I approached my former parish priest in the U.K. re your podcast about mass where Benedict’s name is not mentioned and his reaction was I hope you are not heeding his (your) words. I believe what you say and as of last week I have refrained from attending mass, preferring to attend the link you gave of Father Minutella (?) in Sicily. My former PP’s response was a typically uninformed response, and sadly, a typically group-think response. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink.

    With the latest antipope’s shenanigans this week in Iraq I believe more and more people will wake up. I agree that Benedict deliberately lanced the boil of freemasonry and tricked them into exposing their evil machinations.

  5. Dear Brother Bugnolo,
    My husband and I agree totally with you about not attending Mass under the possibilities you discuss of attending Mass under the conditions of schism from Pope Benedict XVI.
    We have not been to receive the Holy Sacraments for close to a year now as there is no Mass that we can attend.
    We pray the daily Rosary, and some other daily prayers
    together, and separately also.
    We watch the una cum Benedict Mass via internet of Domenica 3 Maggio 2020 S.Messa 3a Dom.dopo Pasqua which you
    gave us some time ago on your website.
    We understand that we are listening to this Mass on Sunday as a means only to honor God, or the Blessed Virgin Mary on first Saturdays, etc. We have been doing this since we have
    nothing else in regard to Sacraments.
    We would like you to let us know what you think about this.
    Also, we lean greatly on the message given by The Blessed Virgin about there being only the Rosary and the Scapular at a point in time. This point in time has now arrived for us and most likely for others too.

  6. Brother Alexis, how about the sacrament of the sick / dying. Will we have to ask the Catholic chaplain or priest if he is in communion with Pope Benedict XVI before we ask them to visit our family members to administer the sacrament?

    1. Do you want to risk the damnation of your loved one? The Sacrament of Extremunction is not necessary for salvation.

  7. Ana, there wasn’t a “reply” button to your comment above, but you wrote:

    “I have had this discussion with priests & they couldn’t tell me not to for as long as Benedict lives I am in communion with Rome.”

    Are you saying that these priests who are advising you, yet naming Francis in the Canon of the Mass, are also in communion with Rome (Benedict)?

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