Predators and Idiots, who both forget God

Convertantur peccatores in infernum,
omnes gentes quae obliviscuntur Deum.

(Psalm 9:18 Vulgate Text)

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A YEAR IN REVIEW: March 8, 2020 to March 8, 2021

In a medieval hunt, the prince who owned the forest would send his servants kilometers ahead of himself, while servants behind built a V shaped fence, to corral the game. Then the servants ahead would beat the brush and drive the game closer and closer to the corral, until it burst forth into the open field and had no where to go but through the bottom of the V where it was captured and slaughtered.

The Scamdemic, which has been willed by Freemasons for decades and planned with art and science from the most morally corrupt men in the world, is like such a medieval hunt.

The wild game out of fear of a small threat, such as the beating of the brush, run away precisely in the direction that the small threat was intended to drive them. They continue to run from small threats which they could easily escape if they bolted past the servant beating the brush with a stick, but no, they prefer to run away from the noise and so end up trapped and killed by heading to the V where the high wall prevents any further escape.

The Scamdemic began a year ago, to this night, with small threats, the sounding of alarms. The alarms have not stopped, but they were to convince you to take refuge in the Mask, in social distancing, in social isolation, in the abandonment of your job, business, and all activity which would not be directed to supported the Globalist controlled economy.

Having masked you and corraled you at home, they then approached with the Vaccine, which 100s of millions are now taking, even though they have no idea what is in it, even though its lethality is GREATER than the alleged virus.

Being unwilling or mentally incapable of looking at the facts, spending even 4 hours in ONE ENTIRE YEAR looking at contrary information on even globalist platforms like YouTube, they have prefered to take the plunge by entrusting their health and life on being injected with an unknown alleged remedy. Some are even getting in fights to be the first.

While countless individuals are dropping dead minutes, hours, days or weeks after from the Vaxx!

The entire scenario is playing out like a theatre of Predators and Fools. All sense of morality and responsibility being thrown to the wind by doctors, politicians, judges, police etc., citizens and patients and custodians of others.

The underlying constant, however, is that all of these persons are forgetful of God. They deny that God has given them an immune system sufficient to protect them. They prefer to trust known liars to the word of God or even God’s wonderful gift of right reason. They ignore the entire moral order as a basis for human action, and simply reduce their consideration to what someone says.

All this reminds me of what is written in the Psalms, that, All the nations which are forgetful of God shall be converted unto Hell.

I know of this passage, since it featured in one of the most popular books of meditations by Friar Peter Reginaldette from the 15th century, which I translated from Latin many years ago. It is entitled, the Mirror of Retribution, and begins with a meditation on the punishments of Hell and who deserves them.

Well, I think we have arrived at the complete fulfillment of that Psalm. There is a total world wide madness and darkness which has gripped the vast majority.

A madness in which a very few hunt to destroy all, and the very many gladly submit to be hunted unto death.

I still cannot believe my eyes, as to what I have seen for a year. How nearly everyone I know has submitted to the Mask and Lockdowns, out of the fear of the most insubstantial of things.

Without God deeply and constantly remembered, man is without a compass. As a man who has dedicated himself to prayer his whole life, I find myself looking face to face at a world gone mad, precisely because it was never mindful of God:

Perfectly rational men, who spent not their reason in faith, but were satisfied in accommodating it to the service of men and the desires of their whimsical wills; seeking not the Truth in reason, nor the piety of the Faith in their prayers, they are like the beasts of the forest who, without even the sense to confront a little threat, throw themselves gladly into mortal peril.

And you cannot even argue with them, as they go round and round in circles if presented with medical or scientific facts, theological or moral arguments, or even reasons of self interest which require looking at the value of life over risk.

Truly, then, All the nations which are forgetful of God shall be converted unto Hell. Psalm 9:17.

Or as the Vulgate reads:

17 Cognoscetur Dominus judicia faciens; in operibus manuum suarum comprehensus est peccator.

18 Convertantur peccatores in infernum, omnes gentes quae obliviscuntur Deum.

Or as I render it in English:

He shall be known, the Lord the worker of judgements: for in the works of his own hands, has the sinner been taken captive.

Let sinners be converted unto Hell, all the nations which have been forgetful of God!

De Mari: There is only one Pope? Yes, Ratzinger!

Introduction by Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Dr Silvana De Mari, a leading opponent, here in Italy, of government corruption and the Sacamdemic, has publicly affirmed that Pope Benedict XVI is the Pope.

Her testimony is significant for taking the debate into the main stream, secular public forum.

Her article in today’s edition of La Verità, entitled, “C’è un solo papa? Sì, Ratzinger!” — in English, “Is there only one Pope? Yes, Ratzinger!”  —  reports the publication of the new book by Attorney Estefania Acosta Ochoa, which is causing a stir round the world due to its detailed and complete legal proof of the invalidity of the Renunciation and the illegality of Bergoglio’s election as Roman Pontiff in 2013.

The image above contains her complete article in Italian, which repeats in her own words the summary given elsewhere by Cionci. — Here follows the transcription of the Italian, and below that, an English translation.


C’è un solo Papa? Sì, Razinger!

di Dott.ssa Silvana De Mari

La verità è davanti a noi, nuda e sgradevole, con la sua ruvida aspra bellezza. La menzogna è imbellettata, vestita e molto più affascinante. Come resisterle?

Il cattolicesimo è una religione semplice. Il Papa è il vicario di Cristo. Cristo era uno, non aveva fratelli gemelli. Il Papa è uno. Il Papa è il successore di Pietro, e Pietro era uno. Il Papa  è uno. Il primo requisito per un’elezione valida al papato e che la sede sia vacante. Il Papa precedente deve essere morto, non malato, ferito in coma farmacologico, proprio morto. Oppure deve avere abdicato comune abdicazione valida. Il Papa non dalle dimissioni, non è un amministratore delegato. Il Papa abdica. Nella sua abdicazione deve essere contenuta la frase io rinuncio, la rinuncia deve essere sia all’essere Papa che alla funzione di Papa e non deve contenere nessuna ambiguità. Nel caso sia scritta, sarebbe raccomandabile che non contenesse errori di ortografia.

In una recentissima intervista al Corriere della Sera sua Santità Benedetto XVI ha di nuovo sottolineato che di Papa ce n’è uno solo, e anche sottolineato di aver fatto quanto fatto con molta accuratezza e molta coscienza. Nella sua abdicazione manca la frase io rinuncio.

L’unica spiegazione logica tutto questo è che Sua Santità Benedetto XVI sia sotto attacco e sotto ricatto. Se era sotto attacco otto anni fa, quando ha annunciato la sua abdicazione, è sotto ricatto anche adesso. La elezione del cardinale Bergoglio al papato e valida o no? Il Papa è uno solo, ha sottolineato Sua Santità Benedetto XVI al corriere. E Sua Santità Benedetto XVI che si firma Pontifex, Giorgio Bergoglio ha rifiutato i simboli della sovranità papale, la mazzetta rossa, ha rifiutato l’appellativo di vicario di Cristo e si è sempre dichiarato vescovo di Roma. Nude sgradevole la verità è sempre stata sotto gli occhi di tutti, da quel giorno di febbraio 2013 in cui Sua Santità Benedetto XVI ha annunciato la sua abdicazione è un fulmine ha colpito il Vaticano. Esiste una inquietante foto di quell’inquietante evento. In un libro di 300 pagine, Benedetto XVI: Papa “emerito”?, Estefania Acosta,  avvocatessa colombiana e già docente universitaria di diritto civile e commerciale, risponde alla domanda. L’avvocatessa analizza molte delle prove che sono state portate da tutti coloro che ritengono l’elezione del cardinale Bergoglio invalida. Alcune di queste prove sono rilevanti, altre irrilevanti. La prova definitiva, però, quella che non lascia adito nessun dubbio, e il testo con cui sua Santità Benedetto XVI annunciato l’abdicazione. Ricordo, ne avevo già parlato su questo giornale, come nella versione originale ci fossero due clamorosi errori di ortografia latina ci fosse un errore nella data: l’abdicazione sarebbe stata valida dal 28 febbraio alle ore 29 invece che alle 20:00. È altamente improbabile che un testo come un abdicazione papale finisca su Internet senza essere stato revisionato e scorretto.

Afferma l’avvocatessa che il suo è “il primo libro ad offrire, con rigore accademico e in modo sistematico, la prova canonica che Benedetto XVI non ha mai validamente rinunciato all’ufficio di Romano Pontefice per cui rimane l’unico e vero Papa della Chiesa cattolica, alla quale tutti i cattolici devono fedeltà e obbedienza sotto pena di scisma. In conseguenza di questa e di altre irregolarità precedenti e concomitanti all’elezione del cardinale Jorge Mario Bergoglio nel conclave del 2013, “Francesco” è davvero un anti-Papa, cioè occupa illegittimamente la Cattedra di Pietro e, quindi, riconoscerlo come Papa è, per lo meno, una oggettiva negazione della verità”.

La  Declaratio scritta  da Ratzinger è stata scritta in maniera da dare l’impressione che sia un abdicazione, ma non lo è. È stata scritta con errori ortografici impensabili che sono il primo indizio, il secondo e che leggendo con attenzione ci si rende conto che il Papa non stava abdicando dall’essere il Papa (Muuns) ma rinunciava a fare il Papa(ministerium), cioè a svolgere alcune funzioni. La risposta data da sua Santità alla domanda sul perché della rinuncia è ridicola: ha disposto che il fuso orario l’ho fatica troppo e non sarebbe riuscito più ad andare in Brasile per le giornate della gioventù. Una risposta ridicola. La rinuncia è stato un macigno sulla chiesa. Un Papa molto più semplicemente può abolire le giornate della gioventù o rinunciare ad andarci. Ancora più ridicola però è la risposta alla seconda domanda: perché non torna vescovo. Ha risposto di avere solo abiti bianchi nell’armadio.

Spiega la Acosta – la chiave dell’invalidità delle dimissioni non risiede nel fatto che Benedetto sia stato “forzato”. Benedetto ha agito liberamente nel senso che sapeva bene quello che stava facendo, sapeva che avrebbe continuato ad essere il Papa perché non si stava dimettendo dall’ESSERE il Papa (munus) E questo invalida le sue dimissioni, come vedremo, poiché “essere” e “fare” sono indivisibili per il papa. Per questo Ratzinger ha, coerentemente, appena dichiarato al Corriere della Sera: “Otto anni fa ho compiuto la mia scelta IN PIENA CONSAPEVOLEZZA E HO LA COSCIENZA A POSTO”. Quando Sua Santità dichiara di aver fatto tutto con coscienza e libera, a cosa allude? Al testo. Liberamente ha scritto un testo estremamente ambiguo che contemporaneamente afferma e nega la sua abdicazione. Lo ha fatto con coscienza, l’ho fatto con assoluta attenzione. L’abdicazione non c’è mai stata. È un solo Papa: sua Santità Benedetto XVI.


There is only one Pope? Yes, Ratzinger!

by Dr. Silvana  De Mari

The truth is before us, naked and unpleasant, with its rough rugged beauty. The lie is embellished, clothed and much more fascinating. How to resist it?

Catholicism is a simple religion. The Pope is the vicar of Christ. Christ was one; he had no twin brothers. The Pope is one. The Pope is the successor of Peter, and Peter was one. The Pope is one. The first requirement for a valid election to the papacy is that the See be vacant. The previous Pope must be dead, not sick, injured in a medically induced coma, just dead. Or he must have abdicated common valid abdication. The Pope does not resign, he is not a CEO. The Pope abdicates. His abdication must contain the phrase I renounce, the renouncement must be both to being Pope and to the function of Pope and must not contain any ambiguity. In case it is written, it would be advisable that it does not contain spelling mistakes.

In a recent interview with the Corriere della Sera, His Holiness Benedict XVI stressed once again that there is only one Pope, and also stressed that he did what he did with great care and conscience. His abdication lacks the phrase I renounce.

The only logical explanation for all this is that His Holiness Benedict XVI is under attack and under blackmail. If he was under attack eight years ago, when he announced his abdication, he is under blackmail even now. Is Cardinal Bergoglio’s election to the papacy valid or not? There is only one Pope, His Holiness Benedict XVI pointed out to the Courier. And His Holiness Benedict XVI who signs himself Pontifex, Giorgio Bergoglio has rejected the symbols of papal sovereignty, the red bribe, has rejected the appellation of vicar of Christ and has always declared himself bishop of Rome. Nude unpleasant the truth has always been before everyone’s eyes, ever since that day in February 2013 when His Holiness Benedict XVI announced his abdication is lightning struck the Vatican. There is a disturbing picture of that disturbing event. In a 300-page book, Benedict XVI: Pope “Emeritus”?, Estefania Acosta, a Colombian lawyer and former university professor of civil and commercial law, answers the question. The lawyer analyzes much of the evidence that has been brought by all those who believe Cardinal Bergoglio’s election is invalid. Some of this evidence is relevant, some irrelevant. The definitive proof, however, the one that leaves no doubt, is the text with which His Holiness Benedict XVI announced his abdication. I remember, I had already spoken about it in this newspaper, how in the original version there were two glaring errors in Latin spelling and there was an error in the date: the abdication would be valid from February 28 at 29 instead of 20:00. It is highly unlikely that a text such as a papal abdication would end up on the Internet without having been proofread and corrected.

She claims that hers is “the first book to offer, with academic rigor and in a systematic way, the canonical proof that Benedict XVI has never validly renounced the office of Roman Pontiff for which he remains the one and only true Pope of the Catholic Church, to which all Catholics owe fidelity and obedience under penalty of schism. As a result of this and other irregularities preceding and concomitant to the election of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the 2013 conclave, “Francis” is indeed an anti-Pope, that is, he illegitimately occupies the Chair of Peter and, therefore, to recognize him as Pope is, at the very least, an objective denial of the truth.”

The Declaratio written by Ratzinger was written in such a way as to give the impression that it is an abdication, but it is not. It has been written with unthinkable spelling mistakes that are the first clue, the second and that if you read carefully you realize that the Pope was not abdicating from being the Pope (Muuns) but renouncing to be the Pope (ministerium), that is to carry out some functions. The answer given by His Holiness to the question of why he renounced is ridiculous: he said that the time zone made him too tired and he would no longer be able to go to Brazil for the Youth Days. A ridiculous answer. The renunciation was a boulder on the Church. A pope can much more simply abolish the youth days or give up going there. Even more ridiculous, however, is the answer to the second question: why doesn’t he return as a bishop. He answered that he only has white robes in his closet.

Acosta explains – the key to the invalidity of the resignation does not lie in the fact that Benedict was “forced”. Benedict acted freely in the sense that he knew very well what he was doing, he knew that he would continue to be the Pope because he was not resigning from BEING the Pope (munus) And this invalidates his resignation, as we shall see, since “being” and “doing” are indivisible for the pope. For this reason, Ratzinger has, coherently, just declared to the Corriere della Sera: “Eight years ago I made my choice IN FULL CONSCIOUSNESS AND I HAVE MY CONSCIOUSNESS RIGHT”.
When His Holiness declares that he did everything conscientiously and freely, what is he alluding to? To the text. Freely wrote an extremely ambiguous text that simultaneously affirms and denies his abdication. He did it with conscience, I did it with absolute care. The abdication never took place. There is only one Pope: His Holiness Benedict XVI.