Ordo Militaris Inc to start social media platform for Catholics

March 7, 2021 — Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas : Ordo Militaris Inc., the Cathoilc security company from Montana USA is committing to create a Social Media platform free of Globalist censorship and control. The platform will be free and will be funded by investment and donations from users.

Ordo Militaris Inc. was founded in 2016 to provide security and defense to Catholics persecuted for their faith. With the world gripped by the Scamdemic which is clearly part of an anti-christic effort to suppress Christianity, the Order recognizes the need to protect the ability of Catholics to stay informed and network on the basis of truth, facts, and reality, free from the control, surveillance and propaganda of the Globalist Cabal.

The ultimate goal of the Order will be to build a platform in which Catholics can not only personally interact as individuals, but offer a secure space to Radio, TV, Institutions of Education and Catholic organization of all type to publish their information without restriction or censorship.

While the Order foresees a lot of steps in the growth of such a future platform, it is seeking public feedback on the name for such a platform before launching the first version.

And so, as part of the preparations for such a platform they are running a poll to know from Catholics which name for the platform would be preferable by potential users.

Here is the Poll. Please answer only once.


If you would like to become an investor in this venture, please leave your contact information below in a comment and the President of Ordo Militaris Inc will contact you back. Or you can skype or call +1 406 299 9260, and leave a message for a call back.

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4 thoughts on “Ordo Militaris Inc to start social media platform for Catholics”

  1. Please see the latest work of Alison McDowell regarding the 4th Industrial Revolution, the virtualization of reality, augmented reality, children and gamification, normalizing QR Codes, health passports, social impact finance, blockchain-tracking digital assets, etc. This global fascism through a digital prison can be better understood with her work. I don’t think enough people know about this and it is seriously important. She is not a Catholic but her body of work/life experience is sound imo. I take it with a grain of salt, not saying this will unfold exactly as she depicts, and I pray it doesn’t. This is an educational instance of finding down-to-earth information about the virtual push/tyranny we are experiencing, and understanding AI ideology/planning for the future.

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