Breaking: Pope Benedict XVI has never said Bergoglio is “the Pope”!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

For 8 years we have been told by the Vatican that Pope Benedict XVI resigned the Papacy and that Bergoglio was validly elected in the conclave of 2013.

But the truth is that Pope Benedict XVI has never renounced the papacy and has never affirmed that Bergoglio is the Pope.

These amazing truths have bee cleverly and intentionally hidden by the Vatican apparatus and its international media allies from the entire Church.

Now, the intrepid Andrea Cionci of the Italian Newspaper, Il Libero Quotidiano, is leading the charge of a journalistic investigation into what happened in 2013 and what has really been going on the Vatican for eight years.

The storm broke in Italy, recently on the 8th Anniversary of Pope Benedict’s trip to Castel Gandolfo, which anniversary was covered by live broadcast by FromRome.Info Video, here:

In my report from Castle Gandolfo, I called out the 8 year long fraud and pointed out three facts which prove that Benedict XVI is still the pope:

  1. All agree that Pope Benedict XVI was validly elected and did not renounce the Papacy on Feb. 28, 2013.
  2. All agree that on Feb. 11, 2013 Pope Benedict XVI made a public announcement regarding his renunciation of ministry, not munus
  3. All agree that since Feb. 28, 2013, Benedict XVI has continued to dress and sign as the Pope.

My challenge to the international media would not go unheaded. For the next morning, in the pages of La Stampa, Massimo Franco published an alleged interview with Pope Benedict, in which it was claimed that Benedict XVI recognied Bergoglio as the pope.

As a juridical fact of law, that a pope says another man is a pope or the pope does not constitute a papal renunciation. And those who say it does, then must explain why Bergoglio called Pope Benedict at the 2019 Youth Day in Panama, “El Papa”, which in Spanish means, “the one and only pope”. See the video with your own eyes:

So what is good for the goose, is it not good also for the gander?

But the truth is that Benedict XVI has never called Bergoglio, “the Pope”.  Andrea Cionci confirmed with the leading Vaticanista, that all the claims that Benedict XVI said such a thing, are merely the words of journalists in alleged interviews or alleged letters claiming such an interpretation of words: reports which do not contain such a statement within quotes.

The latest such claim is one of the first journalistic mis-directions of this kind perpetrated. I speak of the interview by the now Papal Spokesman, Andrea Tornielli, on Feb. 27, 2014, which is not an interview but Tornielli’s claim to cite passages from a letter which he alleges to have received from Benedict.

Here is Tornielli original:

Click to read the original.

The clever shell game Tornielli has played in this article is, first, to claim he has a letter but not to publish a photo of it. — This leads to the doubt that there is no such letter, or that it contains contents which would damage or undo the claim Tornelli attempts to make about its contents or meaning. And, second, to use what Benedict said in regard to a renunciation of ministry, as if he mean the munus or office.

FromRome.Info publicly DEMANDS therefore that the Vatican publish a photo of this alleged letter!

Let us see what is really in the letter, and whether it is signed, “Pope Benedict XVI”!

Because if it is, then the statement attributed by Tornielli in it to Benedict, “There is absolutely no doubt that my renunciation of the petrine ministry is valid”, must be taken literally:  that is, as if to say, “THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT THAT I HAVE VALIDLY RESIGNED THE MINISTRY, BUT REMAIN THE POPE!”

Indeed, in Tornielli’s article from 7 years ago, there is no such statement, equivalent to, “Bergoglio is the Pope.”


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