4 thoughts on “USA: The Equality Act establishes a Tyranny of unnatural perversion”

  1. Of course, the ultimate goal of the Satanic elite is to legalize pedophilia… When it strikes, God the Father’s wrath will have no bounds.

  2. One of the most provoking reasons for a “lust for power” is the ability to do things that the normal person cannot do. This makes the powerful one an elite. It now appears that is exactly what the billionaire Jeffrey Epstein fed to his clients. The more one digs into the power game, the more one comes up with the abuse of children. That includes what was going on and still does inside the very sanctuary of Holy Mother the Church.

    1. Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) of children is the foundation of Satanism. It is how Satan gains most of his power, through abject fear and terror of its victims. Abortion is the ultimate SRA of children…completely innocent victims in the “safety” of their mother’s womb torn limb from limb. Horrifying.

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