Benedict’s Renunciation is the bomb which will shake the Vatican

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12 thoughts on “Benedict’s Renunciation is the bomb which will shake the Vatican”

  1. I am still getting a error code from the linked website. The server might be overloaded or down.

  2. It is crystal clear that Benedict is still the pope! How is it that prelates like Cardinal Burke cannot see the obvious?

    1. Cardinal Burke has visited a number of more conservative bishops among them Bishop Olmstead of Phoenix. Cardinal Burke told Bishop Olmstead that “we know Francis is not valid, we just don’t know what to do about it.”

      1. The person who told me is a close friend of Bishop Olmstead, he asked me not to use his name, so I won’t.

      2. The very least Cardinal Burke should do is publicly declare Francis an Antipope & call on Bishops to stop naming him in the Canon of the Holy Mass. Until absolute verification priests could just pray for the Pope & that would cover Benedict but this matter has become so grave that the Cardinals must make a declaration via a council to depose Bergoglio before the entire Church is completely demonised. The are not doing their duty by God if they continue in cowardly silence & allow the Mass & Sacraments to be slandered. Tradition must be reinstated worldwide. If they showed more positivity Gold would reward them.

      3. Well- if true- the good cardinal simply needs to publicly declare it. Otherwise, he’s simply another useless talking head .

  3. It should be easily understood that Benedict’s “resignation” of the ministry of his office was PRIMARILY and simply a public admission that the Vatican Curia, whose ONLY REASON FOR ITS CREATION AND EXISTENCE WAS TO HELP CARRY OUT THE AGENDA OF THE PAPACY, had not only set its own agenda in opposition to the papacy but that there was nothing Benedict could do in carrying out his agenda with its presence, –ACCEPT in not resigning his Office he made void the conclave that brought in Bergoglio which has also invalidated everything Bergoglio has done including adding to the college of Cardinals, who, if they vote for a new pope after Benedict dies, would also be invalid because of its inclusion of invalid cardinals.
    That Our Lord submitted (resigned) to the Sanhedrin certainly did not mean he forfeited His Kingship. Further, He also in resigning actually fulfilled His divine agenda, one of which was to fully expose the evil of the religious system that had likewise perverted the faith and people of Israel and fully justified its destruction in 70 AD. .

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