In Brasil there are 196,000 who recognize Benedict as the Pope

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A recent poll at showed that 60% of the respondents held Benedict XVI and not Bergoglio to be the real and true pope, the Vicar of Christ.

But the die hard Bergoglian narrative control monitors simply would not let reality prevail and marshaled a host of petty objections, the most cogent of which was that the sample size was too small.

But for those who want hard facts regarding what the faithful think, they need turn no further than to the above Youtube channel from Brasil, which ardently and publically proclaims that Benedict is the true pope and Bergoglio a raving heretic and apostate.

And that channel has 196,000 followers.

Moreover, when you consider that YouTube heavily censors and suppresses information which is contrary to the Globalist objectives, then, just as one of my videos, which garnered 25,000 views before it was erased on Youtube, garnered more than 400,000 on other platforms, perhaps we can suppose that the real followers in Brazil of this one channel are more like 4,100,000.  And when you consider that not every Catholic is an internet user, and that in many cases, such as Brasil there is one user per household, because there is only one device per household, you can guess that the real statistic is more like 10 to 20 million.

And them ain’t small apples.

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2 thoughts on “In Brasil there are 196,000 who recognize Benedict as the Pope”

  1. At last real Catholics are coming out of hiding. The fear that Satan’s lavender mafia has been instilling in them since VII is at last evaporating. The closing of our churches has gone a long way to pulling the veil from their eyes as, of course, is the abominable behaviour of the un-canonically elected incumbent in the PO & the treatment meted out to the real Pope, Benedict XVI.
    Please keep up on your website the details of the investigation being undertaken to have PBXVI’s ‘resignation’ canonically disproved as it is important to be kept up-to-date & knowledgable of the funds needed to procure the Truth.

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