5 thoughts on “Meme of the week: March 10, 2021 A. D.”

  1. Hand sanitizer, PCR swab and muzzle are of this ilk. The vaxx is several orders of magnitude worse.

  2. I do agree! In my mind it was impossible for me to ever to don a mask while not being sick nor believing I could be. It anguished my soul and distressed me greatly to even consider it. Therefore I refused and felt free. The more I resisted, the free-er I felt. The opposite meant loss of dignity and self-respect because it would mean looking as if you believed something which you didn’t! Does that make sense? I felt it deeply within.

  3. If you do something which perpetuates a lie, you become part of it. You lose your integrity, if you act in opposition to what you firmly believe to be true. If you lose your integrity over this, how will you resist bigger things? I believe it’s what the saints saw; the line in the sand that could not be crossed and which made them resist to death: marriage for example, not because marriage was evil but because they had already pledged their heart, soul, mind and bodies to God alone. Integrity stands on Conviction.

  4. Yes, certainly!
    Looks like millions and millions of fools today are staring into the eyes of Medusa [the Deep State, the Deep Church], as their hearts and minds turn to stone.
    In Greek mythology, Mother Earth produced the monstrous Titans whose offspring were the immortal Gorgons and the Graeae witches, denizens of the River Styx in Hades, world of the dead. One of the Gorgons, Medusa, offended a goddess and was cursed with mortality and a face so horrible as to petrify unwary onlookers. The locks of her hair were venomous snakes; her eyes, bloodshot with rage; her skin, mold green. She represents of course a Satanic culture of fear, nihilism, and hatred of humanity unto stupefaction and petrification of whole societies.
    Although slain by the legendary Perseus, Medusa retained eerie Apocalyptic power. From her blood sprang a winged warhorse and a leviathan wielding a great sword. Her severed head would make Perseus invincible. “The Medusan Mask” was flaunted on coinage and clothing throughout antiquity by cult-happy, fear-mongering megalomaniacs like Alexander the Great and all the Roman emperors.
    Surprisingly, too few in our own time know about, let alone have taken seriously, the Japanese animated series called “Soul Eater.” Protagonist Gorgon Medusa’s master plan is the paralysis and destruction of the current world order—- using a “death scythe” and “terror” as driving forces. She is cunning and “full of lies” [hoaxes, false promises, blackmail, poisons masked as medicine] and “views everyone as a potential specimen to experiment on or as a tool to suit her purposes.” Her greatest strength is knowing how to petrify planet Earth.
    Meanwhile the Globalist Train rolls on, its deaf and blind conductors giving speeches about unity, equality, and social justice.

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