10 thoughts on “Christians have a duty to God to seek Exemptions from nutty laws”

  1. Excellent! He speaks sense so clearly and so naturally.
    Every catholic church should have a priest like him.
    What he said is exactly what I told the priest months ago…..that it is a sin to wear those muzzles because it’s all based on lies and to know and to live such a lie is to sin.
    Will you please post the weblink to Fr. Anthony Hannon’s video? Where’s he based? I failed to catch where he said he was speaking from.
    He mentions that he posted a link to that video for a website for a Fr. Coates.
    And on the subject of lies……
    See the web of lies being spun here in Ireland about nursing home deaths but also see some truths coming out about the ineffectiveness of the covid vaccines……the covid vaccinated are being told that they will still have to social distance and wear those muzzles!
    Also there’s a predominantly zero to very low excess of All Cause mortalities currently across Europe yet strict lockdowns are still being imposed and/or extended and in some cases into the Summer.
    Several of the previous mortality peaks are preceded and followed by a trough below the normal baseline……are the peaks a result of the data on mortalities being held back and posted late all in one go therefore creating false peaks?
    Are the graphs adjusted to represent deaths according to the actual date of each death or do the graphs represent deaths as reported in batches accumulated over a certain period? In other words are the mortality peaks reliable indicators of real actual periods of excess mortalities?

  2. Any deliberate violation of any one of the Ten Commandments is a mortal sin. Father explains how EACH TIME we publicly wear a face muzzle, we are breaking THREE of the Commandments. What a fast track to hell, i.e. worship of the Virusgod, and condemnation of those who refuse to suit up and get vaxxed.
    Jon Rapport summed up the vanity of our times: “When you have no sign of a new virus, you have no diagnostic tests, because all those tests are aimed at registering a virus that isn’t there. And therefore, you have no meaningful case numbers or death numbers. What you have is a house of cards out in the open, in a strong wind. You have millions of public health officials and politicians and computer modelers and medical journal editors and researchers and doctors and PR people and television talking heads and foundation funders and mask-wearing devotees all desperately trying to grab hold of NOTHING.”

  3. Latest nutty law, March 12:
    This just in from Remnant News: “Apparently, the COVID shutdown of churches across the world wasn’t quite enough for Team Francis. A new directive from the Vatican Secretary of State cancels private Masses and all Traditional Latin Masses inside the main Basilica of St. Peter in Rome. After hundreds of years of private masses being celebrated almost constantly over the tombs of Christendom’s holiest popes, those side altars will go dormant later this month and remain as such for good…. We can only conclude that, with little or no appreciation for the infinite merit of even just one private Mass (regardless of how many or how few faithful are in attendance), the Vatican has determined that the world will be better off with fewer Masses here in arguably the darkest moment in the history of Christianity since the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ.
    “As faithful sons and daughters of the Church, we object to this outrage and call upon all faithful Catholics to resist Francis to his face even as Paul resisted Peter to his.”

  4. Yes.
    This comes in the wake of bowing and scraping to the heirs of the Muftis and Sultans who had crushed the Christian Middle Easterners by death or dhimmitude, who had converted Constantine’s Church of the Holy Wisdom (Hagia Sophia) into the biggest mosque in Islam six centuries ago. We should have seen this coming, the honorary Ottoman’s suppression of all things Tridentine applied to altars in the heart of Christendom, setting a precedent and paving the way worldwide. The “abomination of desolation” is unfolding really fast.
    “…as Paul resisted Peter.” False analogy. Those two may have had differences about eating pork or circumcision, but never about the Gospel. Peter was picked by Christ Himself as first “pontifex maximus” of His Church; he was crucified on Vatican Hill, where Constantine later built the first basilica to house his relics. His skull and that of St.Paul are venerated in a reliquary high over the altar at St. John Lateran , “the Mother Church” of Rome and the World.”
    Bergoglio is no Peter. He has converted Vatican Hill into the biggest Pachamama shrine in the world.

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