Pope emeritus’ secretary says Benedict XVI never expected to live so long

Note that Ganswein calls Benedict, “Holy Father”!

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11 thoughts on “Pope emeritus’ secretary says Benedict XVI never expected to live so long”

  1. That Pope Benedict is still alive seeing that he is already the oldest pope ever in history is the best evidence for me that there is something wrong with the resignation and the present setup and that Francis is claimed to be Pope. If heaven agreed with the official version that Benedict is retired and Francis is the legitimate Pope then Pope Benedict would not need to be alive and he could have died knowing the Church is in good hands.

    It is as if keeping Benedict alive is necessary to keep Francis in line so that he doesn’t make irreparable damage to the Church like allowing married priests. Married priests might have become a reality if Benedict didn’t bring out his book on celibate clergy a few weeks before the decision was to be made concerning married or celibate priests. Alternatively God does not allow the rule of an Antipope without there being a real valid pope. Is God trying to tell the world that Francis is an Antipope by keeping Benedict alive?

    Could it be that Benedict will remain alive long enough to outlive Francis to put an end to the confusion? Likewise will Benedict’s live be prolonged until the schism becomes official where Benedict will be forced to part ways with Francis and everybody will be forced to make a clear choice. here it won’t be about an obscure point about valid or invalid resignations but about something substantial like bringing out a new “Ecumenical Pachamama Mass” where the clergy is asked to celebrate Mass with leavened bread and water rather than unleavened bread and wine?

    1. The validity or invalidity of Benedict’s resignation is not an obscure point. To say so is to assert that the law of the Church has no definite meaning. This is the error of Nominalism and is the philosophy of the Luciferians – “do what thou wilt is the whole of the law”. It is this fact that ushers in the chaos of relativism and creates the context in which a “Pachamama mass” can emerge.

      Reassert God’s law and Pachamama disappears in a puff if smoke, taking the AntiPope with her.

  2. So, Pope Benedict is “like a candle slowly, serenely fading” since 2016. Hmmm, that must be a very special candle with a flame which will remain alight for as long as God wills as it remains in the Hand of Christ.

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    3 August 2020 – Pope Benedict seriously ill, says German newspaperhttps://www.cbc.ca/news/world/pope-benedict-health-1.5672696

  3. I believe that Leo XIII is the oldest Pope in history. He was, I believe 97 years old at his death.

  4. Funny, but I thought Benedict’s minder might be dead by now. These people make me want to puke.

  5. The PROPAGANDA MACHINE is alive and well.
    Pope Benedict XVI is alive [we rejoice] and silenced, but the PROPAGANDA MACHINE speaks with its fork tongue PROPAGANDA .
    We take great comfort and consolation that JESUS CHRIST, THE JUST JUDGE, knows everything, sees everything. and is in charge even though it may seem that the evil minions of satan are in charge.

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