One thought on “Data is the New Oil”

  1. And that data will soon be worthless once it is lost.

    Power Outages are already the issue of today and will become increasingly the issue of tomorrow, thanks to too much expensive, environmentally destructive, intermittent, unreliable, grid destabilising, renewable energy junk technologies in the energy mix.

    The only thing Green about the renewable energy industry is the money to be made largely through government funding and subsidies.

    See where the current focus of the opportunists is at, as they take advantage of the scamdemic decoy by rushing through lucrative Green New Deals to install yet more useless renewable junk technologies including non diffusible toxic battery bombs all over the planet.

    Lots of data will be lost when the electricity grid systems start crashing more frequently.

    Think of the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria in Egypt during Roman times. It was apparently considered one of the greatest losses of human knowledge ever.

    Almost everything goes online these days, we’re even encouraged to save data online instead of printing it out in order to save forest resources.

    So what happens if the last 20 years of online data is lost and becomes unretrievable due to power outages globally?

    What would happen to the cryptocurrency market and the banking and stock market in general?

    How long would it take to install ‘stable’, ‘reliable’, ‘durable’ and ‘safe’ power systems, and at what cost? And given, that the problem will be global, and that the global demand for replacement energy infrastructure will be high and resources limited?

    A power shortage economy threatens not only Germany, but all of Europe , in which power cuts are becoming more and more the norm and large-scale power outages can occur at any time.


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