3 thoughts on “Barnhardt posts video from FromRome.Info!”

  1. Am I missing something regarding credit given from Ann Barnhardt to FROM ROME, or is she missing something such as giving proper credit?

    1. The video is by Attorney Acosta, who gave FromRome.info permission to publish it. So it is not our video, it is just noteworthy that for the first time, Barnhardt.biz has cited a video from FromRome.Info’s video channel. Heretofore, Barnhardt has not even mentioned FromRome.Info or Br. Bugnolo.

      1. I am so happy that a community of Catholics willing to publicly defend (and with solid arguments) the true Pope, Benedict XVI, is forming, on a global level, over language barriers! For the rest, I shared the video separately, and giving permission for publication, both with Miss Barnhardt and with Br. Bugnolo… Miss B. just posted the video already published on Br. Bugnolo’s Youtube channel.
        As always, God bless us all!
        (This is Estefanía Acosta, of course, from my mother’s fb account -I do not have one-)

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