Italian Supreme Court strikes down Covid Controls

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

March 15, 2021 A. D. — ROME, Italy: The Highest Court in Italy has struck down the force of all Covid-reponse regulations emanating from the Italian government in a stunning blow to the Scamdemic mongers in the Italian Parliament, from the President of Italy, Sergio Mattarella to the previous and current Prime Ministers (Presidenti del Consiglio dei Ministri), Giuseppe Conte and Mario Draghi, respectively.

In their decision of March 1, 2021, n. 7988, the Supreme Court of Cassazione has ruled that no citizen can be held to be criminally liable for the violation of any control imposed through the Decrees or the Decree-Laws approved by the Prime Ministers or the Parliament which, in the name of preventing or reducing the spread of Covid-19 have forbidden nationwide every single citizen from exercising his fundamental constitutional rights, such as the right to work, the right of liberty and the right of free movement.

The ruling from Italy’s Highest Court of Appeals establishes a binding precedent in all penal cases, and effectively bars the public prosecutors in all jurisdictions from proceeding against citizens for a violation of the lockdowns, social distancing, closure of stores, hotels etc.

To anyone who is not under total psychological control of the mass media, it means the Scamdemic excused Sanitary Dictatorship has ended. — Alas however, this news is being hidden from the public, and it was not until today that the ruling became known.

Indeed, as of today, the government has ordered a lockdown in 12 of the 20 regions of Italy.

Here is a link to a copy of the official ruling:

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11 thoughts on “Italian Supreme Court strikes down Covid Controls”

  1. In Italy, the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Iran, or anywhere in the world where people are not free, the people must decide to resist and fight for their own freedom. They should not look to others to give it to them, they have to decide how badly they want it and then resist tyranny as strongly as they need to, to obtain it for themselves and their children. Once lost it is very hard, but not impossible, to regain. Italy had a successful movement with their restaurant owners, who decided to open regardless. Once their are sufficient numbers of resisters, it becomes impossible for the powers that be to do much.

  2. Great News and….

    Watch ‘South Park’ Season 24, Episode 2 Vaccination Special……hilarious!


  3. I cannot see ANY other report of this ruling – anywhere in the media.

    The Italian government is simply ignoring it, apparently.

    Do Italians know about this ruling?

    1. The Media in Italy is either state controlled — i.e. by Parliament — or is controlled by the Left (Globalists), so obviously they are not going to talk about it. You can find the decision published in the official bulletin of the Court.

  4. Any chance that you might post an English translation of the Italian Supreme Court decision?

  5. Thanks…..that translation website worked well.
    The translation however is difficult enough to follow.
    What’s the difference between a criminal offence and an administrative offence?
    ‘……defendants have appealed to the Court of Cassation…….on the basis of a single ground, complains of erroneous application of criminal law, due to the failure to acquit the defendant of the infringement pursuant to article 650 of the Criminal Code, referred to in Prime Ministerial Decree of March 8, 2020, article 4, paragraph 2, because the fact is not provided for by law as a crime.’
    ‘2. The provision of Law Decree no. 6 of February 23, 2020, art. 3, paragraph 4, – which qualified as a “crime” punishable pursuant to art. 650 of the Penal Code, failure to comply with the containment measures issued to deal with the state of emergency due to the spread of Covid-19 – was replaced by Law Decree no. 19 of March 25, 2020, art. 4, paragraph 1, in force from the following day and converted with amendments by Law no. 35 of May 22, 2020, which decriminalized, transforming it into an administrative offence, the conduct of failure to comply with the aforementioned containment measures.‘

    1. It is a fifferent system of law, that the Englush one
      An administrative offense isb
      something like a fine for parking in a no parking zone.

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