Radioactive Video on Bill Gates banned in 5 seconds by Youtube

Now watch the video which exposes Bill Gates as the chauvanistic anti-women  monster that he is. Fortunately, Ordo Militaris Radio TV records all its programs and upload them on channels which are free speech and pro-women, which evidently YouTube is NOT.


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4 thoughts on “Radioactive Video on Bill Gates banned in 5 seconds by Youtube”

  1. There is already a birth control implant in use ,only to be expected they’d enhance it once they got women accustomed to using it. Padre Pio once told someone ,there would come a time when there would be very few children .

  2. After listening to this show, I found a mainstream news article which embraced this remote-controlled contraceptive microchip, calling it “amazing”…in the article it also likened this contraception device to people like Ray Kurzweil who promotes “future medicine” where we “ingest medical nanobots.” This led me to other mainstream articles about him. He is “agnostic about the existence of a soul” and has said this [on the possibility of divine intelligence] “‘Does God exist? I would say, ‘Not yet.'” I say mainstream because these news articles aren’t some delusional “conspiracy” and this is the level of psychopathy we are dealing with ie people who don’t believe in God, believe they are God, and mainstream news promoting their ideas as “amazing.” Yet, if you think it is anything other than “amazing” you get censored, and they say you are “misrepresenting” these psychopaths and you’re the one who is crazy. Incredible. Just incredible.

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