Bergoglian priests say they have lost the power to exorcise

The stunning admission is made by Father Ripperger of the Fraternity of St. Peter, who names Bergoglio in the canon of the mass. Click the image to read of it in the comments.

UPDATE:  Many thanks to the reader of FromRome.Info, who tracked down the original statement by Father Ripperger, which is found in this video at the 1:20 mark:–Ls

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12 thoughts on “Bergoglian priests say they have lost the power to exorcise”

  1. Now, why would a priest not be able to exorcise in a Church where the “top man” (as in “big top”) does not believe in “L”? In this modernist Church, all that a “facilitator” priest has to do to exorcise is to go out and “run around the block” chasing his tail.

  2. Yes, 1963 and pope Paul VI saw the change and declared that the smoke of Satan had entered to the very summit of the Church, the Roman Curia that now actually controlled the papacy which blocked their agendas and increasingly instituted their own agenda on the entire Church.

    1. The Satanists in the Vatican performed a Black Mass beneath St. Peter’s in 1963, dedicating the Institutional Church to Satan. That certainly had an effect…

  3. This is a direct result of the fraying of the Apostolic Line by the infiltration of Clerical Freemasonry and Communism beginning in the late 19th Century, Vatican 2, and the continuing apostasy of Francis. It was one of the reasons I retired from Deliverance and Exorcism Ministry…the other reasons had to do with the politicization and clericalization of the Offices of Exorcist by the certain Bishops and Archbishops.

  4. It goes way deeper than agendas and plots: it’s a matter of faith, and faith has been occluded by Modernism and its naturalism that tries to ratioanlise everything and rejects whatsoever cannot be so rationalised. Verily, the agendas and plots and their outcomes are a symptom of the real disease, rather than the disease itself.

    The words that Jesus, Our Lord (and theirs), spoke to the pharisees after they came at Him after healing the paralytic at the Pool of Bethzatha, as shown to and recorded by visionary Maria Valtorta apply perfectly to many of our churchmen today:

    “You have humanised supernatural things to such an extent, that you give words only an immediate and earthly meaning. You have taught the Haggadah according to fixed formulae, your formulae, without any effort to understand the allegories in their true meaning, and now, since your souls are tired of being urged by a human mentality, which crushes your spirits, you do not even believe what you teach. And that is the reason why you can no longer fight against occult powers”

  5. Is the power to exorcise reserved only for priests?

    I know of a healer who for years quietly petitioned their Diocesan Bishop to urgently appoint Priests to carry out this function.


    1. The power to exorcise is within the spiritual jurisdication of sacred orders, in its fullest in Bishops. But it cannot be applied unless the individual is in union with the pope and has the grace. Also a special charism is required, to prevent perturbation by the evil spirits. Indeed, many exorcists fall into grave sin or despair, because while doing exorcisms they fall under the power of the devils, for want of humility, mortification, and caution. — There have be notable saints, who were not priests, or who were in minor orders, who had the charism to exorcise, but it is something they did in extraordinary occasions. If you are faithful to God and good friend with the 3 Archangels, they can do this work for you at your request, in proportion to your honesty and personal grace, which, however, is normally, far below what is needed to deliver a possessed or obsessed individual.

  6. I listened to this talk by Father Ripperger a few years ago and it was NOT related to Bergoglio. I do not remember him specifically attaching this “loss” of exorcism power to Vatican II either. Father Ripperger is a very careful priest. What he did say was that the power of the demons has strengthened. Of course this power is related to the decline of the Church. He also did not say they have lost the power to exorcise, but what took a couple of days following WWII, now can take a year and half.

    Vatican II and antipope Bergoglio are a symptom of a much bigger sickness that had already deeply infected the Church prior to the 1960s. The evil fruits of such madness always take a few decades before poisoning the rest of the fruit. I think it important to look much farther back then Vatican II for the true culprit behind this attack. Masonry is just a tentacle of an enemy Our Lord clearly warned us about. Until the Church and the West return to the first millennia teaching on this matter, utter collapse is in our future.

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