Biden call Harris “President”, while God laughs

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Heaven is in a chuckle this morning here at Rome, as Breitbart reports that Joe Biden in the United States of America has called his Vice President, “President”.

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FromRome.Info would like to ask EWTN, LifeSite News and the National Catholic Register, among others, if this means that Kamal Harris now the President.

Because if an alleged interview, in which Benedict claimed Bergoglio was the Pope, means that Bergoglio is the Pope, then, Harris by the same rules of illogic should be the President.

The truth is that both Biden and Bergoglio are usurpers, and in the case of Benedict, he never said such a thing, as the Italian Press has confirmed.

So God and his faithful servants here at Rome are laughing, this morning, because His enemies have by this lapsus linguae been shown to be defenders of lies.

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2 thoughts on “Biden call Harris “President”, while God laughs”

  1. The illegitimacy of the 2020 general election is more than just election fraud. Kamala Harris is an unconstitutional running mate/putative elected vice-president. Harris does not meet the strict requirement of being a natural born Citizen as found in the U.S. Constitution, Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 and affirmed by the last sentence of Amendment 12.

    A natural born Citizen is a person who born in the USA to two US citizen parents.

    The opportunity to usurp the office of the president of the United States of America is on the rise after the U.S. Senate voted on Senate Resolution (SR) 511 in April 2008.

    The following individuals, past and present, are/were not natural born Citizens:
    1. Barack HUSSEIN Zer0Bama.
    2. Chester Arthur.
    3. John S. McCain, III.
    4. Marco Rubio.
    5. Rafael E. (Ted) Cruz.
    6. Bobby Jindal
    7. Tulsi Gabbard.
    8. Andrew Yang.
    9. Kamala Harris.

    If the above individuals’ nativity event is conclusively proven, then the above individuals are merely STATUTORY US citizens, whose US citizenship was awarded through legislative positive law. A natural born Citizen does not need any law to award them their US citizenship. These natural born Citizens are citizens by the act of nature – being born in the country to two citizens of THAT country, not Jamaica and India as is the case for the California mattress queen.

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