In 2016, Pope Benedict XVI signaled that Bergoglio is only a Cardinal

English Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

March 20, 2021- Rome: Andrea Cionci of Il Libero published yesterday an astute analysis of what Pope Benedict XVI said publicly in 2016, the stunning conclusion of which is that in his own subtle but precise was, was signaling that Bergoglio was NOT the pope, but only a Cardinal.

Dr. Cionci on his official blog submitted the text of the interview published by the Corriere della Sera on Sept. 7, 2016 to a detailed linguistic analysis, analyzing line by line, on the basis of two critical presuppositions:  (1) that the Holy Father was not able to speak freely and needed to send the Catholic World indications which, like in his ambiguous and invalid Declaration of Feb. 11, 2013, can be seen for what they are, once one looks at them attentively, (2) that Pope Benedict XVI wanted to clarify the true meaning of Archbishop Ganswein’s talk at the Gregorian University the previous May, when he shocked the world by saying that Benedict XVI still shared the Petrine munus and ministry!

Dr. Cionci’s article is entitled:  “Il papa sono solo io” — La lettura velata — e alternativa — di un testo di Benedetto XVI.  Which in English would be:  “I alone am the Pope” — A veiled and alternative reading of a text by Benedict XVI.

In the analysis of Dr. Cionci one sees that Pope Benedict XVI never refers to Bergoglio as the Pope, and makes some unusual statements which must be taken as jokes, since the affirmations which follows or precede the citation of facts are in ridiculous proportions. Of course, it is native Italian speakers who can see this most clearly, and it is thus that Dr. Cionci builds his case.

You can read the original in Italian, by clicking the link or image above.

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2 thoughts on “In 2016, Pope Benedict XVI signaled that Bergoglio is only a Cardinal”

  1. As Catholics we must get PBXVI released from the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery (by warrant if necessary) & :
    1. Have him consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    2. Release in full the Third Secret of Fatima. Both these actions should have been taken by him early in his papacy & couldn’t be more imperative at this minute.
    3. Explain all that happened 8 years ago; who were involved (inc. pressure from St. Gallen Mafia, Obama, UN, NWO …)
    PBXVI as our valid Pope has a duty to God & His people to put right the terrible decision he made in letting Jorge Bergoglio get his foot inside the PO & cause such unheard of demonic action throughout Christendom, saying “I am the pope, I do not have to give reasons for any of my decisions.” He also must have known that by not mandating TLM very few of the world’s Catholics would have access to it or the full sacraments – a gigantic failure.
    I hope that all this ugly & insane activity that has come about by the bad appointments, decisions & neglect of the one we always looked to for advice & leadership will be righted before he dies & that Jorge Bergoglio, the Masonic, Marxist, leader of the NWO godless church will be excommunicated & publicly derided for the Judas he is. The Curia must convert back to God & recognise the Vicar of Christ & get rid of the imposter they allowed to wrench away the Office he was fully elected to serve. As he isn’t a valid pope it can not require any significant legal process at all -just boot him & his cronies out of the Vatican.

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