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  1. Neither Sanity nor Logic exist in Satan’s Vatican. Since VII this has been the case & unthinkable acts of desecration have been regularly occurring there – homo-erotic drug-filled parties, Black Masses, occult sessions, pagan worship, banning of TLM by individual priests at side altars. Next will be the banning of TLM worldwide; this is the effect of PBXVI’s not mandating it & the obdurate refusal by several popes to carry out the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary according to Her instructions.

    The priests I have spoken with are of the opinion that Jorge is a man of great sin but as he hasn’t yet publicly denied the Assumption & Immaculate Conception he cannot be removed & they are obligated to name him in the Canon of the Mass. Pointing out that he is a Marxist, not a Catholic, that he has publicly usurped the Throne of Peter while the truly elected PBXVI is kept in exile within the Vatican walls does not, apparently, make any difference nor does the abandonment of 7M Chinese Catholics to the CCP for $$$s each year nor his idolatry of pagan idols with one on the altar during the closing Mass of the Amazonian Synod (scandalous yes, but not formal heresy).

    Since the insult of the Dubia being ignored by Jorge & his co-workers it appears that one of our greatest Canonists, Cardinal Burke, has lost his courage to publicly call out this imposter for abduction of the Vicar of Christ, who hasn’t yet resigned according to the Canons governing Papal Resignations nor has he, Jorge Bergoglio been elected in accordance with either the Canons pertaining to Papal Elections nor to the Rules set out by JPII & that consequently Jorge Bergoglio is under the auspices of Satan & leading Christians to perdition. Not until he finds his voice will others in the Curia back him to alow the momentous exorcisms & house cleaning to begin.

    We have had a horrendous six decades of hellish control by satanic forces putting fraternity & prayer meetings with pagans & schismatics above the protection & worship of God in the Holy Eucharist, Catholic Doctrine, Tradition & Deposit of Faith which the demons hate & have successfully inured the souls of our once valiant leaders into accepting that Catholicism is on a par with every other belief & that Christ wasn’t the Son of God but just a holy man of his day. They all have fallen foul of the devil & have apostatised – we should & must demand their entire excommunication & dismissal from the OHC&A Church of Christ.

  2. I went to an SSPX chapel today. Interestingly, the chapel had a photograph of Benedict above a picture of Francis.

    1. Al, did you ask what that meant? Was this an SSPX chapel you haven’t been to before? Just curious. Thanks.

      1. First time. The priest is fairly elderly but gave a great homily! He railed against Vatican II and the current state of the Church.

        I did not have an opportunity to ask him.

  3. Ana Milan and/or Bro. Alexis Bugnolo,
    Could you please expand a little more upon what is meant when you speak of the “…..fraternity & prayer meetings with pagans & schismatics….”?
    And how do excommunications work in practice?
    Are they temporary or permanent?
    Would there be many ordained religious left if most of them were excommunicated?
    And if so many ordained religious were excommunicated and/or are technically perhaps already automatically excommunicated, and perhaps their flocks too, then what becomes of the Catholic Church? Is it likely to survive or die out? And if the Catholic Church survives then what new form is it likely to take? Many Catholic priests currently have several parishes with dwindling numbers to manage and in many cases the parish church assets, built up steadily over many generations from the kind church donations from parishioners, are now sadly being quickly sold off in order to help pay the current debts and day to day bills.
    Which brings us back to ‘perhaps’ the subject of prayer meetings……and perhaps a seriously pared down, pared back Catholic church where perhaps Mass will take place in small community halls, homes, at mass rocks etc.
    Is there even the possibility that the Catholic Church in parts of the world where it is floundering may have to go ‘underground’ to avoid persecution and total annihilation?
    In China there is the aboveground CCP controlled Catholic Church largely without Bishops other than those appointed by the CCP and then there’s the underground Catholic Church that has now been abandoned by the Vatican.
    Before the abandonment of the ‘underground’ church that was aligned with the Vatican there was already persecution and great fear of persecution and terrible mistrust and paranoia of the members of the CCP controlled church and the CCP in general. And now there’s the abandonment from the Vatican and just when it seemed that China was beginning to open up more to openly allowing religious freedoms. The prospect of that was short lived thanks to team CCP Vatican!

  4. VII brought a false ecumenism into the CC where suddenly we became brothers/sisters of schismatics & prayer meetings were regularly arranged for us to gather with Protestants from nearby churches. Evangelicals & C of E were allowed to hold their services in our local Church without payment towards its upkeep. They allowed children to run around unchecked, left lights on & altar vestments were interfered with. I made several complaints to no avail. Other CC Churches arranged for Catholics & Protestants to hold prayer meetings but only Protestants turned up so they had to stop.
    Excommunication meant that the recipient was no longer a member of the Catholic Church until (s)he publicly surrendered & repented of their grave & usually public sin. Most, being pertinacious in their heresy, lack of belief in Catholic dogma, the Real Presence etc. went to their graves as excommunicants. Excommunication could be lifted (as it was in the case of Lefebvre bishops) if they recanted & toed the line.
    The handing over of 7M true Catholics under the direction of Cardinal Zen to the CCP for $$$s was an abominable action against the CC & God Himself as was the Pachamama idolatry, AL, loss of TLM worldwide. Despite it never being abrogated NO Bishops pulled strings to have it dismantled, descerated our Churches by pulling out our beautiful altar rails, confessionals, stations of the cross & both high altars facing East & side altars. Crucifixes were replaced by plain crosses (Protestant) & Churches closed when prior to VII they were always open to the public for private prayer, bi-weekly confessions for 2-3 hours on Wednesdays & Saturdays were readily available & there were no women readers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion or altar girls. Nowadays priests hear confessions across a desk or in the front pew of the church. Anyone passing can earwig.
    Jesus gave us His promise that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church, so we have to believe that He has & will continue to sustain His Sacraments & the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for those who are not permitted to attend any other but the NO Mass. Of course, the citing of Francis in the Canon of the Mass is not acceptable as it is easily proven he was not properly elected to the PO as PBXVI hadn’t resigned in accordance with Canon Law which made the election that took place afterwards illicit. It must be noted, however, that Traditional Priestly Orders also cite Francis in the Canon.

  5. Thank you Ana for explaining all that and for reminding us all that ‘Jesus gave us His promise that the Gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church’


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