When Benedict XVI visited his brother, He dressed as the Pope

Pope Benedict XVI visits his brother, in his sick bed, in July of 2020. Noteworthy is that he wears the full dress of the Roman Pontiff. — Click the image to read the article in Italian.

Again, in 2014, he did the same:

So the argument that since he is retired he does not dress in the full papal habit, is simply propaganda, discounted by historical fact. — Click the image to read the original article in Italian.

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6 thoughts on “When Benedict XVI visited his brother, He dressed as the Pope”

  1. I would suggest both photos date from the same visit. Look closely, neither show the frailty of the Holy Father as he is presently. Neither does his brother.

    1. It looks like you are correct, but the Ticino news in using the old photo does imply that he dressed in the same manner.

  2. The fact that he did it once is enough. If anybody understands the meaning of the papal gear he does. He wore it.

  3. Pope Benedict has every right to wear the papal garments; Jorge Bergoglio does not.

  4. Everything His Holiness does has a significance …thank you for being so attentive and observant for those who like myself up untill March last year were blind deaf dumb and frankly stupid !

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