Strikes against Amazon in Italy: “We’re being run by algorithims”

Drone shots of strikers at Naples:

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4 thoughts on “Strikes against Amazon in Italy: “We’re being run by algorithims””

  1. In Ireland, Amazon installs fossil fuel guzzling Data Centres that are powered by highly subsidised electricity that is supplied directly from the national electricity grid system and Amazon also installs banks and banks of on site diesel and dual fuel generators with an installed capacity the size of a medium sized conventional fossil fuel power plant. Solar panels installed on Amazon warehouse roofs are mere tokenism/virtue signalling.


  2. Why do these protesters still wear diapers? Aren’t they proud of the image of God, reflecting on their faces?

  3. Terminology such as the Fourth Industrial Revolution as mentioned in the Globalists ‘The Great Reset’ is becoming common parlance in business and public policy circles in Northern Ireland.

    ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution, or Industry 4.0’

    ‘2021 finds technology in an interesting space: in the midst of the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the Covid-19 pandemic…’


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