3 thoughts on “Don Bernasconi: Il Papa è Benedetto, e Bergoglio è scomunicato”

  1. Yes, Bergoglio is ipso facto excommunicated but we need to get that verified by the Curia who immorally & illegally elected him via Sankt Galen Group. We’ve already waited eight years- how many more will Glod allow us to squirm?

    1. We do not need it to be confirmed by the accomplices in the Crime. Any local synod of Bishops can declare it, as they have the apostolic right and duty to do so.

  2. The local NO Bishops will not go against the Vatican, so it won’t be declared, that is why it is no use in stating it as it makes no difference. This Synodal Way is Satanic but it might be the catalyst for the collapse of the entire prelature & the institution of a completely different format as the present one is long overdue for replacement. We need a Divine intervention. Having a non-active silent Pope & a deviant monster in the PO who is appointing all his sodomite & totally inept friends to curial posts, including the latest, an openly homosexual man to the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors while the cream of canon lawyers are sitting back & waiting for PBXVI & Francis to die before taking any steps to rectify the situation, is bleeding the OHC&A of its membership, much of it multi-generational. There is not a shred of faith amongst any of them & I’m just waiting now for the alleged predictions of the attack on the Vatican & fleeing Pope & Bishop in white to come true. Nothing less will bring an end to this demonic atrocity.

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