The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh, CIA agent

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2 thoughts on “The Secret Life of Timothy McVeigh, CIA agent”

  1. This video certainly supports the theory that was going the rounds at the time of President Kennedy’s death that the CIA & FBI were totally involved. Subsequent bombings within the USA including the Twin Towers, not to mention the deadly wars in Vietnam, Afghanistan & ME, the invalid resignation of PBXVI & illicit election of Jorge Bergoglio followed by invasions of Muslims into the West, Pachamama & now the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ all come together to halt at the feet of the NWO elites whom we are all knowledgeable of – Soros, Gates, Rothschilds, Rockerfellers, Bush, Clintons, Jorge Bergoglio, CCP, UN/WHO, EU & a myriad of their fellow Satanic minions worldwide whose sole occupation is to eradicate the Kingship of Christ from the face of the earth.
    We have known from the beginning that this is a spiritual battle & that God will win it. However, the CC has been led down the garden path to be torn assunder by the devil into cults, schisms, & religious cliques all claiming to be the only true followers of Christ. The OHCA Church has been disunited, our liturgy dismantled, our churches ravaged of Catholic imprint, ancient rites, customs, feast days, processions, & finally closure with no access to the Holy Mass or Sacraments. Many government leaders have either been bribed or threatened into carrying out the orders of the NWO Satanic set-up or they are complicitly part of it. In wartime it is generally accepted that those being targeted have the God-given right to protect themselves, so why then aren’t these known proponents of genocide still drawing breath? It is beyond human imagination that they will convert to Christianity if we all pray for them – we should, in fact, beseech God for our own safety & to give us the religious & civil leaders that will, through His inspiration, ensnare these demons & free His world from them. The consecration of Russia is the primary tool we have but it will not be carried out by Jorge – neither the full Third Secret of Fatima. As Catholics we shall have to use force to remove Satan from the Vatican – this, IMO, would be entirely justifiable in the circumstances.
    As regards the American situation: it always appears to us Europeans that Americans are armed to their teeth with guns & other weaponry, so why haven’t they organised themselves for the licit use of same & blow-up all laboratories manufacturing deadly eugenic poisonous material to be injected into human beings (made in the image & likeness of God) in order to exterminate them from His earth? Why are those named above still alive? Why isn’t their truly elected President in the White House? Do they not care about their futures or the massive immigration/invasion into their country? I hope the answer is positive for, if not, we truly won’t deserve the help of Our Heavenly Father whose Kingdom on earth is being brought to ashes by Freemasonry guided by the Devil himself.

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