Dan Crenshaw CONFRONTS Jack Dorsey for suspending Project Veritas on Twitter

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3 thoughts on “Dan Crenshaw CONFRONTS Jack Dorsey for suspending Project Veritas on Twitter”

  1. What is the difference between Twitter & FB suspending accounts because the don’t like the content & so-called Catholic websites doing the same on a continual basis? Everyone has their own ideas (political & religious) & are entitled to comment on a public platform like the internet. Entrenched rules get in the way of public debate which is so essential these days & diminish the content of the site to an irrelevant biased domain without substance.

    1. The difference is that Twitter and FB ban others for speaking the truth, and Catholic sites like FromRome.Info simply refuse to publish comemnts which are not pertinent or promote falsehoods.

      1. Many Catholic websites ban commenters for telling the Truth e.g. that the Destroyer might be an antipope as the renunciation of PBXVI didn’t conform to Canon Law (a way back) & questionning PBXVI’s attempted bifurcation of the Papacy & the title Emeritus among other pertinent but at the time awkward questions. Commenters are entitled to answers whether the website owners like them or not. It’s just the same with Twitter & FB who consider they can bully people into believing what they want them to believe, Fake News & horrendous Lies.

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