5 thoughts on “Irish Priest defies the Ban!”

  1. ‘Sadly our Irish Bishops have not launched any legal challenge to the alleged criminalisation of attending Holy Mass, instead, they seem to do all in their power to comply with the unjust regulations with the result that most Catholics in Ireland will not be able to celebrate Holy Week and Easter in their parish churches.
    The layman, Declan Ganley, did launch a constitutional challenge and in an incredible development, the High Court judge has given the Irish Government two weeks to clarify whether or not Church services are in fact illegal under Ireland’s Covid-19 laws. This comes about on account of the paper issued by Professor Oran Doyle of Trinity College Dublin where he stated that Religious Services are not illegal in Ireland. It is astonishing that after four months preparation, the Irish Government’s legal team were not able to say whether or not religious services are banned under Irish law.
    The Irish government has now been given an opportunity to lay the blame for Church closures at the feet of the Irish Bishops. If they say that religious services are not banned under law, and it appears that this is in fact the case, then it will show that there was no legal requirement for the Irish Bishops to close our Catholic Churches and that we have been deprived of the benefits of the Sacraments needlessly. Either way it is a sad day for Ireland when it is left up to a layman to challenge the State for preventing Catholics from attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.’ 27/3/2021, John Lacken, Secretary, The Lumen Fidei Institute https://www.lumenfidei.ie/would-the-early-christians-have-closed-their-churches/ https://www.lumenfidei.ie/the-banning-of-the-sacraments/ Covid in Scotland: Places of worship can open now after court win https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-56511585 https://www.irishcatholic.com/gardai-fine-fr-pj-hughes-for-celebrating-public-mass/

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