8 thoughts on “Scientist warns FDA: The Vaxx is a REAL and PRESENT Danger to humanity!”

  1. He is shilling for mRNA vaccines. I quote: “As an immunologist, I know that these vaccines are some of the most powerful and effective we’ve ever made. I know them, I understand them and I know that we need them to achieve herd immunity”.

    No more trustworthy than Van den Bossche another deep-Pharma mRNA vaccine shill.

      1. The dissonance of the message is the message. It is a component of the psyop and is designed to harden the thesis – antithesis axis:
        1. By piling more cognitive dissonance onto those asleep, thereby driving them further from reason & truth.
        2. By frightening the awakening but not knowledgeable back into a belief that vaccines are the “saviour” – we need more vaxx because we don’t (yet) have the right vaxx.
        3. People like me who see right through the disinformation because we understand the dialectic and have the knowledge to deploy our reason in discriminating truth from falsehood.
        It advances the enemy’s cause and should not be repeated without editorial critique. In my not so humble opinion!

  2. Little Red Riding Hood and Trojan Horses perhaps?!

    How is it even possible to clinically determine whether someone is infected with SARS CoV2 (or any corona virus including the common cold for that matter) when the RT-PCR covid tests have been carried out unscientifically in most labs around the world (Ct value >30) resulting in a deluge of false positives? A Ct Value greater than 25 and less than 30 gives results that fall into a grey area, that are questionable. A Ct value greater than 30 renders the test results meaningless and it would be impossible to grow a sample/verify/confirm a positive test result via a viral culture test.

    The nasal swab test and the RT-PCR testing in the labs with a Ct value greater than 25 would probably never ever have received a licence from the regulatory bodies for use under normal circumstances.

    So when is a positive test really a positive test?!

    Positive/false positive covid test results would rule out more people from getting covid vaccinated!

    If the health authorities ran the RT-PCR tests with a Ct value less than 25 then the number of false positive test results would plummet and the global emergency would have to be declared over, and the emergency use nasal swab covid testing, covid antibody tests, mask wearing, social distancing, lockdowns, travel restrictions, covid vaccine passports, and most importantly, the administering of the covid vaccines would have to be stopped immediately.

    Apparently exposure to the common cold corona virus would provide antibodies and therefore immunity from other corona virus infections including variants!

    So why would anyone in their right mind opt for a largely untested and experimental human covid injection with known adverse reactions and potential unknown future adverse reactions?

    If WHO, the CDC’s, the FDA and EMA Regulatory Authorities, Public Health Authorities and Officials, Ministers and Ministries for Health and the companies behind the experimental covid injections demanded that the RT-PCR covid lab tests were run with a Ct value of less than 25 then the global case numbers would plummet indicating that either SARS Cov 2 (and variants) never existed or has been eradicated. Having failed to do this to date and continuing to fail to do this then they’re all complicit in Crimes against Humanity.

    And remember that a positive covid RT-PCR test (even where Ct Value

  3. Continued….

    And remember that a positive covid RT-PCR test (even where Ct Value

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