Youtube Bans FromRome.Info for 1 week, with Unctuous hypocrisy

Br. Bugnolo as part of his work as a Catholic journalist, filmed a political protest which took placed in front of the official residence of the Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, on Wednesday evening, in the Piazza Montecitorio, at Rome, Italy. Br. Bugnolo simply filmed the event and broadcast it on YouTube. The protest was approved by the Italian government. But evidently YouTube thinks it is superior to the Italian government and has established a Soviet style Committee to punish Catholic journalists.

Here was the notice of the ban:

These notices were sent via email, from this address:

YouTube Community Guidelines <>

Here is the Unctuous Hypocrisy of the denial of Br. Bugnolo’s appeal.

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3 thoughts on “Youtube Bans FromRome.Info for 1 week, with Unctuous hypocrisy”

  1. The proper response would be for all Catholic websites to abandon their dependence on MSM & set-up a united channel of communication circumventing these satanic sites altogether. Our Lady of Good Success admonished those who have the “financial means to help the Church but do nothing.”

    In order to gain their support, however, all Catholic sites will have to agree on a joint plan to counteract this persecution. As there is much dissension among this group (again demonic) it will be difficult to achieve, but the work must be speedily undertaken.

    United we stand, divided we fall.

  2. What are we 3 years old? First they censor and kick you off …knowing very well where you will go…to their “alternative” militarized platforms to further compartmentalize your data and socially categorize you (threat level). Then they force you to take the “freedom” bait of a digital token economy while moving you and your children into “socially-acceptable” codes and bio-metrics, then bioengineering and human capital impact investing WITH the Globalist Church at the center; it as the “conscious” voice for big business and social innovation in the coming years (gag reflex). They know we want to be heard, we want to fight and share our intelligent findings, but the overarching techno-intelligence just feasts on every effort (our essence). We are disconnected from our physical bodies, because of this digital war, now more than ever. Our lessons have less and less implementation in the physical reality, BLOCKed, and CHAINed instead to the digital reality. This is a state akin to disassociation found in trauma survivors, constantly in the mind, worrying, never in the body. Stinking garbage.

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