8 thoughts on “Irish Whistleblower exposes Scamdemic in Hospitals”

  1. ‘They are, every last man jack of them, little different to SS Oberleutnants telling Jews, “This is the queue for the showers”.

    ……Ms Katie Hopkins makes reference to some of the more creepy and seedy examples of foul understatement – NHS Behavioural Change Unit, Economic Attitude Influence Office, Cabinet Office Behavioural Insights Team etc – and then gives several examples of their ‘script guidance’ in the NHS selling pack.’



    1. This Scottish lady refers to the NHS which is a UK health service. This is not to say that all health services within the EU are not similarly affected by NWO Covid-19 regulations & fear mongering.

      1. The accent is Scottish & the NHS is the UK Health Service (inc. NI). The Republic of Ireland accent is much different while the Northern Ireland accent is akin to the Scottish but harsher. The HSE is the HealthService in the Rep. of Ireland.

  2. When I was doing my pro-life work, I talked with a former abortion clinic owner who got out of that business. I was with a small group of mothers protesting outside this one clinic and I wanted to know from her perspective what was happening inside the clinic as we were standing outside. She said that the entire clinic is in chaos when just one person is outside standing with or without a sign, but especially when they are praying.

    She also told me about the psychological manipulation that goes on when a girl calls up for an abortion. This is the script the abortion worker is taught:

    A girl calls up and asks, “How much are your abortions?”

    The abortion worker says without a beat, “When was the day of your last period?”

    The girl tells her, and the worker responds by first looking up on a hand device that calculates the due date from the date given – when she will be having a baby in nine months.

    The worker tells the girl her due date WITHOUT having her take a test. This is significant. The worker has just confirmed the girl’s worst fear. She has been told that she is pregnant WITHOUT a pregnancy test. This is psychological manipulation. This is done to make sure the girl does not call any other clinic for the price of an abortion and she will dutifully go into that clinic only.

    The former abortion clinic owner also told me that they have sales teams that go around and instruct the abortion clinic receptionists how to answer the phone in such a way, by playing on the girl’s fear. Other techniques are used, such as during the interview when the girl is at the clinic, they find out what her worst fear is, that her parents will find out, that her boyfriend may leave her, etc. So, when the girl is on the table and she begins to cry or complain, the nurse and/or doctor just brings up the worst fear and the girl shuts right up.

    When I read the article attached to this video, I could not help but think that a similar manipulation is being used on people who have been doused with fear continuously by the media for a whole year.

    Buzz words have been established and replayed to get everyone to take the shot. People are being manipulated – bigtime.

  3. Think the nurse in the video may be Scottish because she mentions that she has just resigned from working as a nurse for the National Health Service (NHS) and she mentions Nicola Sturgeon who is a First Minister of Scotland and leader of the Scottish National Party.

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