Are you willing to lose your soul, for the sake of one word?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Our Lord Jesus Christ asked us, “What doth it profit a man that he gain the whole world and lose his soul thereby?”

This question has troubled the hearts of the Saints for two thousand years. It is the very question which, when asked, had led countless men and women to abandon the world and follow the Lord Jesus Christ as religious, monks, sisters, hermits. It is a most important question for every man considering to enter into Sacred Orders, if he wish to have the right intention.

But above all it is a question posed to all of Christ’s disciples, when they are confronted with a choice which regards our Holy Religion, their souls, and eternal salvation, all three of which cannot be extricated from one another in this life, or the world to come.

For the entire Catholic world, for eight years we have had a simple choice to make. We have been confronted with a challenge, which is easy for those who are like little children, but impossible for those who have embraced the world as their friend.

The challenge is to answer a simple question: Did Pope Benedict XVI resign, when in renouncing the ministry, when Canon Law requires that he renounce the munus or office, he did not do what the Canon said must be done?

But another way: Who decides who is the pope: Jesus Christ, who said, “Whatsoever you bind on earth”, i. e., for example in Canon Law regarding Papal renunciations, “shall be bound in Heaven”, or the Cardinals who say, it does not matter what Benedict renounced, nor even the worlds he used, he is definitely not the pope anymore.

Pope Benedict XVI said that he was inspired to do what he did. He even said in his biography in 2016, that the more he sees of Bergoglio, the more he is convinced he was inspired.

Our Lord is King and Master. He has the right to instruct His Vicar on earth to do as He pleases. He does put us to the test, and thus it is perfectly acceptable in Catholic theology to suppose that He could ask His Vicar on Earth to put the Catholic world to a test: to see if they worship Him, in communion with those priests in communion with Him, or whether they worship men, in communion with the priests in communion with men.

This renunciation of ministry is such a test.

Woe to those who do not take it seriously!

CREDITS: The Featured image shows Judas Iscariot kissing Our Lord, in the Garden of Gethsemane. The fresco is by Bl. Fra Angelico, O. P.. Judas, who wanted the external observances of religious and communion, while rejecting the internal obligations of faith and repentance, was rebuked by Our Lord for his sacrilegious kiss, saying, “Do you betray me with a kiss?” — To signify to the rest of us, that there is no more repulsive sin to God, than to sin right in His face, by feigning communion with Him, while really following the doctrines of men about who is and who is not the true High Priest.


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9 thoughts on “Are you willing to lose your soul, for the sake of one word?”

  1. Eight years ago I was prepared to go along with PBXVI’s apparent abandonment of the OHCA Church & its members as being in answr to the Holy Ghost’s inspiration, but after the humungous suffering of the faithful due to the outrageous Maxist politician Jorge & his gang I now beginning to seriously wonder if it was the Devil who inspired PBXVI to make room for his onslaught as I cannot align God’s wishes with those of Satan. We have literally been torn apart while a mute hierarchy looks on, many devoid of any faith in Christ or His Church. Even in our distress they closed our Churches & many have no re-opened. People have died without the sacraments while homo-erotic orgies & Black Masses still take place in the Vatican. We have had to witness the veneration of Pachamama & other pagan idols with one actually placed on the altar for the closing Mass of the Amazonian Synod & the literal selling of 7M Chinese Catholics to the CCP without the voice of the Vicar of Christ speaking against this apostasy & taking the necessary action to clear house? I don’t believe Christ hates His Church – only Satan does & has has been given a clear playing field by duping PBXVI into silence.

    1. The fault does not lie with B16, because a congregation which dirs not care whether he validly or not rrsigned dies not merit to hear his voice. Same with God’s voice.

      1. IMO CINO are not presently part of the faithful but are led by Marxist Jorge. I have steadfastly supported PBXVI & have had several conversations with priests about this matter who say they are bound by Rome to cite Francis in the Canon of the Mass. There being no proclamation from ++s Burke, Brandmuller, Mueller, or Bishops Schneider, Strickland, Lenga etc. or from Traditional Church leaders to the contrary who do the same, how can you comment that these Catholics don’t merit the voice of our Pope or even that of God’s. I strongly feel that it is the duty of the Vicar of Christ to make his voice heard around the world, not only to the so-called remnant, but to all of God’s people. The Good Lord made us imperfect & when learned prelates believe that Benedict did resign or wilfully voted for that outcome, how can those without proper information on Canon Law (thinking of other ‘Catholic’ sites) be deemed as meriting the lack of the Pope’s voice & the assistance of the Holy Ghost? I find that a sinister response.

  2. Except for coercion there is no other reason BXVI would lavish praise on anti-pope Bergolio, which he has seemed to do (who knows if he really did). There are indications he is pope. Why did they keep him in white, in the Vatican, etc. To make sure he did not say something which revealed the true nature of things? We don’t know.
    It invokes massive cognitive dissonance to just say, God made His Church, and we believed thus and so for two millennia, but then Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina showed up and showed us how we were errant and wrong-headed, all those many centuries. That makes no sense at all. Bergoglio does not believe in Jesus Christ. He has refused, since day one, to kneel or genuflect in His Presence. All the things against Catholicism or even Christianity, he has uttered over the years, things we know are contrary to what we’ve been taught, even blasphemous. Now he has made St. Peter’s silent, issued an edict which bans the Mass of the Ages, in his flailing attempt to silence God and deny comfort to His disciples, however poor they may be. He invites an invasion into the West of those who do not love God, in order to change it into some dystopian Marxist hellscape, and rid the West of Christianity.
    This man, is a pope?

  3. Please allow me to add, what I feel is the coup de grace, the veneration of Pachamama for one solid week in Rome, where a worship rite was held complete with phallic fertility gods, and of course, pachamama, the fertility goddess. A young woman was lifted on a litter and processed around an altar in Rome by men, in an act reminiscent of the golden calf. Photos of bestiality were kept the entire week, in a Catholic church nearby, (St. Mary of Transpotina?), as I recall. The demonic black bowl representing pachamama, brought up to the holy altar of God during an actual Mass, with Jorge Bergoglio the celebrant. Was he attempting to dethrone God and install pachamama?
    And with a few exceptions, our bishops and Cardinals remained silent.
    Silent as the grave.

  4. This is positively brilliant: “..a test: to see if they worship Him, in communion with those priests in communion with Him, or whether they worship men, in communion with the priests in communion with men.”
    Judas is a timeless example of one who failed the test, as did Herod, the Pharisees and Saducees, and their mercenary, faithless, foolish heirs today in the Deep Church and the Deep State. Thomas a Kempis said it perfectly: “How crazy and lacking in faith are such people who are so engrossed in earthly affairs that they care for nothing but material things! These unhappy wretches will know to their sorrow how vile and worthless were the things they loved. But the Saints of God and all the devoted friends of Christ… raise [their] eyes to the riches of Heaven and see that all the riches of this world are as nothing.”

    The fresco (above) of the Betrayal of Christ was painted by Giotto de Bondone in 1305 and still exists in the Scrovegni (Arena) Chapel in Padua. During the Italian Renaissance, the color yellow (cf. Judas’ cloak) was allegorically used by artists to depict moral cowardice. For that reason yellow was unfashionable, unlucky, offensive, and not worn publicly by a Christian society. “Yellow” became the moniker of traitors, the weak and the worthless. Yellow signs still warn us of a danger zone. “The Judas Kiss” fresco has much to teach us as we enter into Holy Week and the rest of our lives. “Woe to those who do not take it seriously!”

  5. Everybody says so much….

    It is the Known Truth that His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI is the Visible Head of the True Vine , Christ’s Vicar on earth.
    I pray to be faithful untill death 🕯️🙏🕯️🇻🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿Viva Christo Rhey.

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