2 thoughts on “Firenze – Taxi e ristoratori in piazza, 26 Marzo”

  1. Dear Brother Bugnolo,

    Why are the people wearing masks, and even in the open air???

    Yesterday a message came in that masks contain harmful parasites.

    The Council of Europe, you published it as first one, published a BINDING PROHIBITION on forced vaccination and discrimination connected to vaccine’passports’. The discrimination connected to masks, pcrtests etc. is therefore de facto also forbidden.

    Further: the same electionfraud as in the USA took recently place in the Netherlands. And would you please publish what lawyer Lin Wood came with on january 4 ‘2I on Natural News.com: the international pedophile mafia.

    Do you know when the Neurenberg tribunal II will start?

    And dr John Magufuli was probably murdered.

    God bless you.


    Op zo 28 mrt. 2021 om 09:17 schreef FromRome.Info :

    > Editor posted: ” https://youtu.be/AyI2S1z5Qqo ” >

    1. Italians are very terrified by the government, because taxes are so high they cannot afford the fines, and because they are too timid to simply apply normal legal proceedures by which they can avoid all fines. — In Italy the only TV is state run and 24/7 it is pushing terrorism and psychomanipulation. And nearly no one has the intellectual formation to understand how they are being manipulated.

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