PHOTO: Pope Benedict XVI celebrates Palm Sunday, March 28, 2021.

Source Unknown: His Holiness Pope Benedict is shown seated reading the parts of Jesus in the Passion Narrative. At his right is Archbishop Ganswein, at his left one of the Memores Domini members, who cares for his personal needs. The location of the mass seems to be the chapel of Mater Ecclesiae Monstery. Notice that there are six candles on the altar, for mass celebrated by a Bishop. Ganswein appears to be the chief celebrant. The large Yellow object behind the woman is an artistic sculpture of a palm frond made up of hundreds of palm leaves woven together. In front of the Archbishop are some branches of olive trees. His Holiness wears the zuchetto proper to the one and only reigning Pontiff.

The Italian Prime Minister’s Friends?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On Wednesday, March 24, I attended and filmed a political protest in front of the official residence of Mario Draghi, the Italian President of the Council of Ministers, or Prime Minister, as he might be called in other nations.

I was interviewed by ANSA, the Italian state News Agency. Which then published a piece smearing me as a “negationist” and “far righter”.

The next day, Thursday, my Youtube Channel was suspended for a week and the video was removed.

An hour later, the hosting company of FromRome.Info took away my editing tools which allow me to write in a professional manner.

The next day, Friday, March 26, a priest of the Legionnaires of Christ, which is said to own 25 Billion in assets — I think that is probably an exaggeration — published a hit piece on me. — A thing which has not happened ever.

On Saturday, the Secretary and Lazio Representative of the political party of which I am a president were fined after returning from an approved political rally. — A thing which has not happened ever.

On Sunday, PayPal temporarily suspended the PayPal Account of the corporation of which I am a president, Ordo Militaris Inc.

And hours later, the Bank which services that corporation asked me to do a security check.

Do you think it was all a coincidence?

Its, Holy Week. Please pray for me.

I think my name has been entered into the black book of Goldman Sachs.

SAnitary Government of Rome, has destroyed local economy, favored globalists

The tweet of Gilberto Trombetta reads, in English: Rome has an unemployment rte of 10%, with another 35% without work, 35,000 businesses have closed in the last year, leaving 75,000 out of work, there is need for another 7500 city workers, but Raggi (the Mayor) has her thoughts on the Formula One race.